A Billionaire novel is a series of fiction with a setting that main characters in stories are billionaires, which often involves romance factors. Although billionaire novels usually have a similar character setting, different plots always attract batches of readers and give life to this kind of novel. Billionaire novel series help you to escape something annoying in the real world and have a dream of being a billionaire or marrying a billionaire. Diverse stories lead you to experience various wonderful lives, you will be a cool hero in that virtual world described in those billionaire novels you read.

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Inconvenient Love (A Billionaire Romance)
Inconvenient Love follows Claire Hugh, a marketing analyst burdened by her family's financial crisis. To settle her father's debts, Claire is married off to Alexander Vermont, a billionaire CEO focused on reclaiming his father's empire. Their union, born out of necessity, masks a deeper connection from a chance encounter at a club a year prior, where they shared a passionate night, unaware of each other's identity. Claire, haunted by her family's rejection and Alexander's lingering attachment to his first love, Aubrey Chen, navigates a loveless marriage marred by neglect and emotional distance. As Claire discovers her pregnancy, she faces a dilemma: reveal the truth and risk losing the baby in her womb, fearing that Alexander would force her to terminate the pregnancy, or hide her pregnancy and secure a divorce and escape the country. Believing Alexander desires freedom as much as she does, Claire presents him with divorce papers, only to be met with silence. Determined to move on, she leaves for Hong Kong, building a new life and business with her best friend while raising her child. Years later, Alexander realizes his mistake and searches for Claire, unaware she had left the country. Their reunion sparks confusion, misunderstandings, and eventually, a revelation of their shared past. Alexander's refusal to sign the divorce papers and his desperate search for Claire highlight his realization of love and regret. The story culminates in a poignant reconciliation as Alexander pleads for a second chance, promising a proper marriage and genuine affection. Claire, torn between past hurts and newfound hope, ultimately forgives him, unveiling the truth about their history and the child they share. Inconvenient Love is a gripping tale of love tested by circumstance, secrets, and second chances, weaving a narrative of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of true love.
Deception In Silk
King'sLight Pen
In the heart of Manhattan's cutthroat corporate world, Amelia Reynolds is a young and ambitious secretary with dreams of success. When she becomes the personal assistant to the enigmatic billionaire CEO, Alexander Morgan, she believes that her life is about to change for the better. Little does she know that their connection will lead her down a treacherous path of deception and heartbreak. Proposing a contract marriage as a solution to their shared struggles, Amelia agrees, desperate for financial security. But as their relationship evolves, secrets unravel, and Amelia discovers that Alexander's intentions were far from noble. Betrayed and shattered, she vows to protect herself and seek justice by becoming a force to be reckoned with in the corporate world. Years pass, and Amelia, now a powerful businesswoman, crosses paths with Blake Turner, a successful entrepreneur seeking revenge against the same man who betrayed her. Together, they form an unlikely alliance, determined to bring Alexander down. As they navigate a dangerous web of manipulation and high-stakes business, their shared goal bonds them together in ways they never anticipated. But amidst their quest for retribution, Amelia and Blake discover that their connection runs deeper than a thirst for revenge. The lines between love and hate blur as they confront their past hurts and find the strength to forgive. With a second chance at happiness dangling within reach, will they allow their shared pain to define their future, or will they embrace the transformative power of redemption?
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