Crazy Maid ( English Version )

Crazy Maid ( English Version )

By:  Ncheet Nca  Ongoing
Language: English
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A crazy maid with a million charms success to disrupt Jerrald Nathaniel Mendez's life. The young girl named Jolicia Floy was the most reckless human Jerrald had ever known. Was the girl really a professional maid as his mother said? Why would a professional maid make so many mistakes on the job? According to Jerrald, Jolicia Floy was nothing more than a spoiled, careless girl. Who is that girl? Little does Jerrald know, his new maid is a rich girl on a mission from her daddy to get a private jet. That girl, Felicity Jolicia Addison, is the spoiled girl of the Addison family.

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59 Chapters
Part 1
A crazy maid with a million charms success to disrupt Jerrald Nathaniel Mendez's life.The young girl named Jolicia Floy was the most reckless human Jerrald had ever known.Was the girl really a professional maid as his mother said? Why would a professional maid make so many mistakes on the job?According to Jerrald, Jolicia Floy was nothing more than a spoiled, careless girl.Who is that girl?Little does Jerrald know, his new maid is a rich girl on a mission from her daddy to get a private jet. That girl, Felicity Jolicia Addison, is the spoiled girl of the Addison family.***"Where's Sally?"A girl with bright brown hair ran hurriedly to find the whereabouts of her best friend, Sally.She had something important to tell her best friend. It was a matter of life and death for both of them."Look, the campus queen is running.""She must be looking for her twin.""Why does Feli always look shining even with all that sweat?"Feli, the light brown-haired girl rolled her eyeballs lazily
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Part 2
"That naughty girl still doesn't want to open the door?""Yes, and it's your fault, Leon! What did you do to my daughter?!" screeched Charlotte Addison at her husband while girdling her loins. Ever since Charlotte came home from shopping, their only daughter had not come out of the room. That really worried Charlotte. Her cute Feli had never been like this before."Look, honey, our daughter wants to buy a private jet.""Then what's the problem? You just need to buy it, Daddy. What's the big deal?""Honey, from now on we can't spoil Feli all the time.""What?" Charlotte's eyes rounded. She stared at her husband as if Leonel was a stranger she had never seen before. "What's wrong, you've run out of money?" Charlotte asked, frowning uncomprehendingly.Leon tapped his forehead in frustration at his wife's innocent remark."It's not like that, dear, but I think we should be strict with our Baby Girl from now on. That girl cannot be pampered all the time. If she wants something, then she ha
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Part 3
Feli walked stumblingly through the campus park. After two days of not going to class because she was not feeling well, more precisely too shocked by the mission her Daddy gave her, now Feli is feeling better even though her heart is not fine."Why did I have to agree to the conditions Dad gave?! Damn it! Becoming a maid? This is really beyond common sense! Is Daddy possessed by an evil spirit, to ask his beautiful daughter to become a maid?!" Feli grumbled. "My smooth, soft skin will definitely turn as rough as gravel!" Feli continued to grumble as she walked towards her class that was about to start in thirty minutes. "There's no point in me getting a higher education if I'm just going to be a maid. For God's sake! MAID?! Argh! If I didn't want to compete with that Selena bitch without Gomes, I wouldn't be willing to go on this mission!""Dude, you're like Superman who hasn't eaten in a thousand years."There was a mocking sentence from a man accompanied by the laughter of several o
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Part 4
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME, DAD?!" Feli widened her eyes in disbelief.Leonel flashed a reassuring smile at his daughter."Daddy, do you know what? Being a maid is already hard for me. And Dad is throwing me into another country?! Dad, is Daddy healthy?" asked Feli again unhappily. "Oh... I'm sure Daddy is not well at the moment!" snorted Feli irritably.Feli was very surprised when Leonel gave her a plane ticket to Spain. Even more surprised, the flight ticket was a regular class ticket. Isn't it cruel?! Her buttocks would definitely hurt throughout the trip. She who used to use a high class plane every vacation abroad had to use a plane with hard seats? Oh... maybe it was an exaggeration, because the seats on a regular class plane would not be as hard as she imagined, but still Feli couldn't accept all this.This would really be her first time using a regular airplane."Was I really your daughter?! How could Daddy ask me to be a maid in a foreign country?!" asked Feli with a hurt look. Fel
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Part 5
Feli looked around the two-story apartment that she had entered only moments ago.'This apartment is huge! Will I be able to clean all the furniture in here? How many people live in this apartment? Did Daddy lie to me? Didn't Daddy say he would put me in an easy place? Then what is this?!' Feli was upset. She wondered to herself anxiously. 'Oh my God, was my decision right?'"Well, Dulce niña (Sweet Girl), here you will be working. I hope you do well."Feli tried to smile, albeit awkwardly at the woman in front of her. A woman who looked so elegant and beautiful. At the airport, Feli was picked up by several men dressed in all black. Clothes similar to her father's bodyguards. Then she was taken to this apartment, and immediately met the woman currently standing in front of her. Feli couldn't guess how old the woman in front of her was. It seemed to be the same age as her mother, or maybe younger?“Dulce niña…”Dulce niña? What does that mean? Ever since Feli had arrived, that woman h
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6. Giant-sized Baby
"Wh-what???"Feli returned to scrutinizing the strange man. She quickly averted her gaze when the man gave her a displeased look. "Um... I thought your son was still small, but he's already as big as a giant," Feli said innocently.The strange woman laughed again. Feli was amazed to see that the woman's face still looked very young. Feli still couldn't believe that the woman had a child as big as the man who had been intimidating her with his gaze."Mah-dreh, look, this girl is so disrespectful to me!" hissed the man, as Feli returned his attention as if judging him. The man did not like being noticed in such a way like what Feli was doing to him. Moreover, Feli's words sounded sassy in his ears.Feli's forehead furrowed. Why did the man look upset? What did he say? Why did he use foreign language again?Ugh... can't they speak in normal language? Feli meant, use a language that she could understand. So that he doesn't look stupid like this.Meanwhile, the woman who was Feli's employe
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7. The Red Apple Incident
>>"Mah-dreh and your Pah-dreh are going on our honeymoon. While Mah-dreh is away, you must not cause any trouble, Mi-Hijo! Especially to your new maid. Don't try to kick her out of your apartment! Only Mah-dreh has the right to dismiss her.""What???? Ma—">>"No argument!">>"Honey, we have to leave soon.">>"Wait a minute, Husband... I have to warn our son so that he doesn't make trouble while we're gone."There was a crisp laugh from the other side, which Jerrald was sure was his father's.Jerrald rolled his eyes in annoyance. Did he still look like a child!"Mah... The new maid is working in my apartment, of course I have the right to kick her out if she does an incompetent job, Mah-dreh!">>"If her work is incompetent, you wait until Mah-dreh comes home. Mah-dreh doesn't want to be fooled again like before."Jerrald groaned inwardly. His mother must have been talking about his behavior of kicking out the maids who worked with him before. Even though the maids had done a good job.
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8. Sick
"How is her condition?""Still beautiful beyond belief.""Noe, I'm not joking!""Tsk! Cousin has no sense of humor.""You just answer what I ask. No need to talk all the way!""Well, Mr. Mendez, I apologize for your cousin's impudence. She's fine, just a common fever. It looks like this cute, pretty girl is exhausted. You... have been torturing her, haven't you? You must have made her work endlessly.""Don't talk nonsense! I haven't even given her a job once!" hissed Jerrald in disgust when his maternal cousin accused him of that.Jerrald turned his gaze towards the beautiful girl who was currently lying weakly with her eyes perfectly closed on the bed of one of the guest rooms in this apartment. The room her new maid would have been in, had Jerrald not carried out his devious plan.Jerrald's hands were crossed. He stared at his maid with the man's typical flat, cold expression. His mind drifted as he recalled the events of almost an hour ago.Jerrald had found his new maid lying on t
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9. Go to work, Miss!
Feli opened her eyes and found a man sitting in a chair next to the bed. The man was busy with the laptop in front of him.Her employer? What was he doing here?In silence, Feli watched the employer, and remembered why she was lying on this fairly soft bed. The comfort of this bed was far different from the bed in the room she was staying in. The room where she had rested earlier after arriving at the apartment.Feli's mind wandered. Earlier... she was thirsty after crying for about an hour in that cramped room. That was after her new employer wrapped her injured finger with a bandage, then ordered her to go back to rest.Her head was dizzy from crying for so long. The pain in her finger made her body hot and cold. Moreover, her stomach had not been filled since arriving in this country. The apple she had bitten earlier was not eaten because of the incident in the kitchen.Feli recalled, with a heavy head, Feli walked slowly towards the kitchen to drink. However, when she reached the
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10. I'm F*cking Dying!
"Is it like this? I think this will do."Feli pressed the ON button on the electric coffee pot after putting coffee into the machine. The beautiful woman learned how to use it through a search engine, and matched the image on the search engine with the electric coffee pot available in this kitchen.Yesterday the employer had ordered her to make the man coffee every morning, and this was what she was doing today."Hm... what should I do while waiting for this coffee to be made?" Feli tapped her fingers on the pantry table. "Cleaning this apartment? Tsk! The day of torture begins," Feli said depressed.Feli stepped towards the place where the vacuum cleaner was placed. Yesterday her employer had told her where the cleaning tools were kept in the apartment.Feli pushed the vacuum cleaner out of the room.Dug!Feli paused as the tool accidentally collided with the wall. Not long after, Feli crouched down so that her body was parallel to the tool she was pushing, then checked whether it wa
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