Chapter 286 Murdered

"Madam, quickly go back to your room. Xue Yu doesn't know you." A man in black hurriedly said when he saw Snow Wolf approaching.

"No, it won't. Otherwise, it would have rushed over." Gu Xi shook her head and said.

The man in black looked serious. Although he heard her say so, he still stood in front to protect her.

The snow wolf blinked its big eyes, which were as beautiful as rubies. It shouted at the man in black and then turned its eyes to Gu Xi.

It seemed to be a little confused.

It was puzzled as to why this human possessed the aura that his master's.

"Xue Yu, right... Come here, let me touch you." Gu Xi saw that it really did not intend to hurt people, and finally breathed a sigh of relief. She waved her hand and said.

The man in black on the side was black in the head: "Madam, this is not a dog."

However, the snow wolf seemed to look at her with a hesitant look. It then stepped forward and stood in front of Gu Xi.

Gu Xi stretched out her hand slowly and nervously to tou
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