Chapter 444 No One Is Going to Fight You, Be Graceful

The two of them and the fox sat down at the table. As soon as the food came up, they began to eat happily. Tongtong was thinking that he should be graceful, but when the little fox jumped onto the table and started to grab the food, he couldn't help it.

Gu Xi looked at them, looked like they were fighting, and then looked up at the people staring at them in shock. She coughed awkwardly and patted the little fox who looked like a starving ghost. "Be graceful. No one will fight with you."

The little fox looked up at her and then lowered its head. Although it was still fast, it didn't look as horrible as before.

Sure enough, it could understand what she said.

Gu Xi nodded with satisfaction. She thought that if she had time, she would teach the little fox to be more sensible in case there would be such a miserable scene when she would be watched when she went out for a meal next time.

She ordered a lot but didn't overeat. Tongtong was still young anddidn't eat much either.All the food
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Debbie Houston
Waiting for updates, this is a very interesting book, I couldn’t put it down. So please hurry up and update.
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Dipti Shetty
not an updated story really waste of money
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Raewyn Porter
Waste of money!!!!!!
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