Looking back, she saw her father was not on the sofa chair.

Now, where did this man, go? He was here a second ago when he asked her to open the door for the people.

"Won't you let us in, beautiful?" one of the men, in his deep yet low voice, spoke with a grin on his face.

"Excuse me, but who are you? Uncle Richard..." she asked the man, then turned her face at Richard and asked.

"Let us in. They are friends of your father.." Richard reacted smartly if he tells her right now about the man, would she let them in?

It was not a smart move, let the father tell his daughter that she's gone.

In a second, Amelia moved towards the side, making space for the men to come in.

"Why, thank you.." both of the men spoke in an impressing tone.

Passing by her, she heard them whispering, "She's obedient, enough. Isn't she?"

Amelia knitted her brows in confusion, unable to understand what's in their mind.

"Rowan?" Richard called out

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