She, first smelled the fragrance coming from the man when she was in the club entrance and fell on his arms. 

She knew he was handsome and muscular.. why? Because she touched him.. his biceps.. his neck...

This happened to her for the first time. Like a fairytale.. like a man was her prince charming, just like the love stories, her saviour had come.

Isn't it bad that she still didn't saw his face yet? Now this desire to see the face of her saviour will remain just like that, in her heart, forever.

And that man is so much on her nerves that she's dreaming of him now.

Only if he comes back or maybe a one-time bump into her.. just like before.

Amelia woke up fresher than ever.. it was a bright morning and she was feeling energetic.

As she yawned and sighed deeply when stretching her body, Amelia thought to run back to her home.

Reaching down she saw the old lady was preparing the table to serve someone.

"Um.. excuse me

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