Weddings are grand affairs. Normally, it only occurs once in a lifetime. It brings about a bondage between a man and a woman.

They promised to share the happiness and the sorrows together. It is a very pure bond in the whole world.

The wedding hall was all illuminated with different colour bulbs and decorated with pots of flowers, pots and other glittering decorations. A magnificent platform was erected which held two throne-like chairs for the bride and the bridegroom.

The platform and the stage was the banquet hall of a five-star hotel with its thick red carpets and floral decorations. The cool fragrance was so strong that everyone left sleepy. There was a place by the side for music troops with their enormous music instruments. They played loud and soft music.

The marriage party was to start at six in the evening and the wedding reception was scheduled at eight in the night.

A big white canopy with tons of white lilies and purple orchids were pl

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