Chapter 80

"What shall we do?" Cassius questioned from where he lay sprawled out across the couch. Izzie was sitting in the large armchair adjacent to him, curled up in her thick black blanket. She was currently in a food coma, with a belly being full to bursting. Cassius had really gone all out with her 'night-time breakfast'.

She had only expected one, possibly two omelettes. Not only was there a cheesy omelette cooked to perfection, but he had also done her a side of bacon, toast and fried mushrooms. It was heavenly and she had cleaned the plate, even after her stomach had begun to protest that it was full. It had been just far too good to waste.

She just shrugged in response. She was still heavily pregnant with her food baby and had just been happily enjoying his company. The thought of having

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Victoria Krechting
I hope it is Vanessa so they can finaly kill her skanky was.
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Leslie Dean
Is it Vanessa? 🤔

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