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Aria met with a fake fortune teller who lied to her that she will never have a mate, Aria got fustrated and ended up in a one night stand. After that night she never met that man again, she got pregnant and decided to raise the child alone. One day her child collapsed, she took the child to all the hospitals , no one had a solution to save her only child until she met a witch who told her to find her baby daddy. Aria has no idea how to find him? will she find him?

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120 Chapters
ELENA'S POVI glance around the beautifully decorated area of the club, it was the VIP section, I smile to myself, I am grown now. it's my eighteenth birthday.In few days I will be taking over my pack as the next Alpha to the bear shifters.My uncle has been running the pack since my parents died during an attack by other packs to take over our pack.They fought defending our people and I will also do the same when I take over.My uncle has been a good man to me, he and his Vampired wife took good care of me like I was their daughter.I would really love my uncle to be my right hand when I take over the pack. I thought.My friends came to me and scream happy birthday into my ear, they all embrace me. They all had gifts in their hand.They drag me to the dance floor, the music was high, one of the biggest DJ in the pack was hired to give us the best of music from the best musicians in the world.I began to dance, I was carried away in my dance when one of my guards came to whisper int
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I open my eyes wide, my tears dried right away.All other bidders looked back at them in surprise, the hall became silent.The auctioneer looked at the repeated the price the two identical men bidded.$2,000,000, anybody else? none of the bidder spoke again then the Auctioneer said." $2,000,000 is the final price, You have the girl" he said.I watch the two men from afar describe every part of my body, one was a bit taller than one, he stare at me and lick his lower lips.I swallow and tears falls down my cheek that I had just become a commodity that is being sold.Only god knows why I have been bought by to this two.One of the men made a transfer while the hefty men came to chain me and takes me to the two men naked.The taller one led the two hefty men into their convoy.The two men came to sit beside me and I was at the middle naked.One of them smiled staring at my body but the other doesn't seems to care.He brings out his cellphone making some business calls.The other one who
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When I am a dominant. I want to try many things and I do not want to try it with someone who can't withstand my sex drive.I felt if I buy a female bear shifter , I will do whatever I like with her.When we went for the Auction, I and my brother both took interest in the girl even though our plan was to buy separately.We wanted the same thing then we came up to buy the same thing and enjoy our fantasies with her.******. I kept washing her body then my brother came in naked, he picked the shower gel and washes her from behind while I stood in front of her and wash her.I took my time washing each of her breast pinching he tits.Each time I pinch her tits a moan will escape her brother washed her down to her butt, he uses the shower gel to play on her butt, he squeezes it hard while I wash her navel.I move down my hand to her clit washing her clit gently then she but her lower lips.she shuts her eyes as I slowly wash her clit, playing with the walls around her clit then m
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crushing my lips to hers before she could finish her last words which I didn’t want to hear, anyway. She pulled back, her eyes huge.“Please I want to…..”Again, I silenced her, my tongue filling her mouth as I pushed my weight on top of her.I quickly move my hand under her panties,I knew if I touch her clit she would let me have her easily. I kissed her and play with her clit then she said“urgh, please,” she whispered, surging heat through my entire body.I could feel her wetness then I move my hand down to her pussy circling my finger round it, I know she can’t resist this. I growled, burying my face in her cheek.She moaned out then she place her hand on my hand then she dug her second hand into my hair.I smile at her sudden act, she is giving me exactly what I wanted.Softly, surely, I laid small kisses along the tender flesh of her skin, nuzzling my nose gently along the lines of her neck and chest .Slowly I unbuttoned her dress ,she lay naked at my fingertips, beads of sweat
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“Good girl,” he panted, but he was fighting his own release.He tensed inside of me, growing harder, thicker, stealing my breath more.“Come for me,” I mewled. “Come in me.”They were the right words to say. Scalding hot seed rushed through me, and I moaned, as I was pushed over the edge one more time—ecstasy rocking my body. The spill of him trickled down my leg and across the fabric of the couch.But he still didn’t stop, his pushes still as fevered as they were, like he wanted me to go one more time.Slow, sporadic thrusts rocked me, twitching me upward, locking him to me as if we were melded together like we were glued in place.Once again, the pleasure began to intensify, starting between my legs and infiltrating every single cell of my body. But this was different something else was happening. My gut tightened, and a warmth spread from my core, reaching out to Atlas. The energy between us danced and mingled to the point where I didn’t know where my soul stopped and his began.Af
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ATLASWe roll off the stairs while fighting then we noticed the door open.“ Elena? Where is Elena? I asked.I pushed away my brother and stand to my feet panting hard, I rush up the stairs, I run into my bedroom and she wasn’t there.I rush out of the bedroom and my brother was standing down the stairs below the last stair.I rush into her bedroom she wasn’t there.“is she in there? Blood rushes to my vain, I feel so pissed staring at my brother because it was all his fault.I know I shouldn’t have claimed her but it just happened. I was ready to pay him for it but he doesn’t want it,he wants her and I don’t want to share Elena, I want her for myself.I climb down the stairs and shove my twin aside, I rush out of the mansion. I quickly enter into the car, drove through the woods.In the woods, I began to scream her name.“ Elena! Elena!! my voices Echoes back to me, I was scared that she might be in danger.I stood lost in the middle of the wood with imagination of Elena hearing my v
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There seemed to be a thin line between protection and captivity. Though, No Man’s Land was no joke. I wasn’t naïve enough to think I could survive that cesspool on my own, and I’d yet to make any friends I could rely on that would watch my back when I finally fled this prison because I am sure I will get the hell out of here with my magic.. With a heavy sigh, I sit my but back in the prison. If I were being honest with myself, I’d admit that the soldiers hadn’t treated me badly. I was fed . Maybe being sold to Atlas was just one good thing, because he seems to care about me.. I guess I am not a normal witch. If I was a normal witch, I could simply teleport back to my house, but of course, I couldn’t even conquer the most menial of magic abilities. I heard footsteps and I thought it was one of the soldiers I heard someone called out my name. It was a familiar voice, a voice I never forgot when we had sex. Atlas. My heart pounded hard, I wanted to open the gate of the prison and
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“Fuck.” I groaned. “Was that really necessary?”He snarled in return and sat on me before I could get up. “Was it necessary to kill those kids?”Now, it was my turn to be shocked…“What are you—” Before I could finish my question, he punched me just beneath my neck. Like really fucking punched me.Sure, I’d hit him first, but still, I was a little more than shocked by the impact.Before I could physically respond, his hands covered my throat, but they only squeezed hard enough to keep me pinned. “You’re not my mate. You’re just using magic to trick me.”He spoke with conviction, but I could see the uncertainty in his cognac eyes that were darkening by the second.“Listen, psycho stranger. I don’t know who you think I am, but I hardly have any magic.” My words were garbled, and the longer I spoke, the more my vocal cords burned from his touch, but I kept going. “And I wouldn’t hurt a child, let alone multiple of them.”Flickers of something I didn’t recognize appeared in his eyes, then
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She went limp in my hold, possibly trying to use dead weight to throw me off again, but that wasn’t going to work with me.“What crimes?” she asked with a heavy sigh when I began walking toward the treeline again.My chest rumbled. My instinct was to answer her question, but I didn’t trust this woman. Not after what I’d seen.With the pull between us, I knew it was better to keep my mouth shut.“Seriously?” she scoffed. “That’s how you’re going to do this? Show up here, accuse me of something heinous you won’t even give me details on, and then stay silent?”Yep. That was exactly how it was going to be.I wasn’t sure if it was because my silence was the best choice for the situation or for myself. There were too many conflicting thoughts, and until I felt more confident about the situation, silence was my friend.Having her pressed against me wasn’t ideal when my body and heart were longing for her only minutes after having met her. A part of me wanted to lift her up until our faces we
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My shoulders stiffened, and I reached down without looking at Elena so that I could throw her over my shoulder. I couldn’t wait for her to act like an adult and walk on her own. I needed to get to the Jeep and start the drive back to my house.The trip would require me to sit next to her for sixteen hours while I sped down the interstates toward my cabin’s location in the middle of No Man’s Land.I should have bargained for a fucking portal spell to get us back sooner, but I’d thought she would be a corpse by the time I’d started driving. Not a temptress seated next to me.Maybe I could knock her out and tie her to the back seat.Shit.The only thing appealing about that thought was tying her up.With a loud huff, Elena punched me first in my side, then right at the center of my spine.That shit didn’t feel very good.I pulled her forward and cradled her against my chest, squeezing tightly until she was boxed in against herself.Her sharp eyes glared up at me. “You’re a dick.”I glance
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