Mrs Norman: mom

I stepped into my closet, dropping my towel on its holder and slipping on a grey sweat pants, together with a silky, black, tank top. I walked out of the closet and sauntered to my bed. 

My day was so frustrating. It was 7:00pm, but, I decided to sleep. All of Ace's threat were ringing in my mind. I didn't know how dangerous he was. But from my observation, he seemed really dangerous. Even his mother was scared of him. What the fuck? 

I dunked into my bed and swung my duvet across my body. I stared at the ceiling and meditated on my next step. I only had a night to decide. I didn't know whether to stop the wedding or not. I wondered what was going on in Ace mind. It was better to not start something that would be unable to be stopped. 

I thought for a while and finally made my decision. The wedding was gonna be called off. At least it was only recently planned. A lot of guest couldn't have been invited already though.

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Irma Adan De Torres
I like the story, it so interesting..
goodnovel comment avatar
Praise Odulesi
Haha ? Keep reading it. And thanks for reading!
goodnovel comment avatar
Anna Bananana
Why not just tell ace mom to check on her after she say no to the wedding so they will know how that jerks treat her! I bet her parents will beat her up just make ace mom to be an accomplished that after a while she act as if she accidentally left somethings in the house am sure she will witness it

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