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"Your jet is ready sir." One of Ace's workers mentioned as he bowed his head.

"Ok." He replied as he sauntered to wherever he was going.

I rolled my eyes and traipsed behind him. How rude! I was still on my wedding gown for damn sake! How embarrassing could it be to amble behind your groom? It

seemed like we had a fight on our wedding night. Stupid wedding night!

Soon, we were in front of a jet. A private jet. I was so amazed. I had hardly even been in an aeroplane before, speaking of a private jet! But in a way, instead of being excited, I was furious and stressed out. I had hardly eaten anything or hardly slept in the last two days. I needed to relax my mind. Ace's threat alone was enough to make me feel ill.

"Will you keep standing there?" His voice sounded, snapping me out of my thought of how surprising it was to physically see a private jet.

"Oh. I'm coming." I responded.

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