I impelled back and forth on my bed, and slowly opened my eyes. I was still so exhausted. My head was really crying for help. It felt like pieces of rocks were leaping in my skull. I couldn't explain the pain that was being inflicted on me. In one word, it was overwhelming.

"Arrgh!" I groaned in pain, and tugged the back of my neck with my hands. 

"Ace," Mia's angelic voice sounded from the side of my bed.

I wanted to cry to her, and beg her to call a doctor, but I just didn't know how to. How was I going to say it? How could those words even leave my lips? 

I jerked my eyes open, and turned to her. She looked so disturbed and scared. 

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Carol Love
I like how he's changing and how trauma is causing them to draw close to each other.

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