I stared at Mia as she wandered from the bed to the wardrobe, arranging the room properly. I really wanted to speak with her, but she was doing one thing or the other. It seemed like she was purposely ignoring a conversation with me, and it was crazily affecting me. I wasn't getting myself at all!

When we had breakfast, she didn't state anything to me. She only served my food, and got back into the room. I didn't even have the chance to ask her whether she had eaten or not. She was only being coldish.

She turned to me, and immediately averted. She probably made a mistake by doing that. Her coldness couldn't last forever after all. I needed to do something. She was obviously hurt that I didn't fulfill my promise. I had to stop all of this. 

I stood from the bed, and hesitated before walking to her. 

"Hey Mia." I finally spoke, as I stood in her front. 

She folded he

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