Past pain

Sitting back and staring at Mia, I quaked like a young puppy. I was so nervous and equally devastated that I was going to tell her about the pain I had never told anyone except Emily. The thought of it alone, caused a burning pain that I never wanted to forgive myself for. 

She didn't seem to be worried like I was. All she wanted was to hear my old story and sympathize with me. She probably didn't know it was more like a trauma to me. I only had to put on a normal act, so she wouldn't have to be so bothered.

"Aren't you speaking anymore? I seriously wannna go to bed now. Come on." She interrupted my thought. 

I just had to be courageous enough to speak. She was my wife after all. I only hoped I wasn't going to regret ever saying it to her. 


Ace facial expression and quivering body somewhat made me upset. Why in the world would he be hesitant to

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