Author's note

Woohoo! I'm done with this book. I'm so glad about it. Thanks to God!

Also, I sincerely want to appreciate everyone who read this book. You really helped me in my journey. 

To those who read and supported it, thank you so much! And to those who read and didn't support it, thank you as well! You at least gave my book a chance😊☺️: Thanks to you all! 

This book took me almost two months to write, and I'm glad I've finally completed it. 

And yes, I'll be starting a new book really soon, titled; Billionaire's Surrogate. 

If you liked this book, you can read the next one too. But if you don't feel like it, I'm not forcing you to. Your choice is very important. 😊😁

So, that's the wrap. It's completed. Thanks to God again, and thanks to y'all.

Also, regarding the slow updates that some readers complained of dur

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Nisa Victorino Rivera Talino
I really enjoyed reading this book. It's a great experienced. Thank you and may God always bless you......
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Mirjam Lavall
Great book, thank you
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Wadzanai Bondai
Amazing book Praise, loved it. Keep them amazing books coming. Stay blessed ......️
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