Chapter 14: I see visions in his eyes

I am worried when after the loud sound of something dropping right in front of me I heard nothing. Out of fear and obedience I am skeptical if I will open my eyes to find out what happened or just wait, but then I choose to just close my eyes and trust the two. They are strong and by the looks of Vlash he must also know how to use magic so I don’t need to worry about them being defeated by that monster or beast whatever that is.

“What- What happened here?” I heard Flora said from a few meters away from me so I know she is just arriving.

“Are- are you all okay?” follow by the worried voice of Leo who also asks as I just stand there frozen still with my eyes close.

I feel some hand grabs into my waist as I remain still as I simply bite the tip of my thumb’s nail, a mannerism I acquired and usually do when I am tensed and scared. I feel the strong warm hand slowly and carefully pulling me down, wait! Down?

“Ahmnnn can- can I open my eyes now Lana?” I ask with a crock voice.

“You may.” I
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