Book 2 - Chapter 53

Chapter 53 –Forgiveness


Hadon was sneaky, but I was sneakier. What I did was to only use my enhanced sense of smell to locate him everywhere he went in Ehnrelil. I observed enough distance between us; hid under the shadows or behind the walls and watched his every move.

First, Hadon went to the Council of Elders’ tower. Did some paperwork there until he left two hours later and went to the Rexhus Tower. There were priestesses in training there. He observed them with a disappointed face and demanded more from them. Like a boastful man, he showed his spells—cheap magic tricks that even a fae child could do. But there was one that caught my eye. It was the cloaking spell he used when he kidnapped Serena.

I gritted my teeth while I watched him show it off to the priestesses. I wanted to rip his throat apart, but I knew I had to be mor

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Ellen Salas
When are you going to release more chapters?
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Giamaria C. Isgett
Omg, cannot wait!! Is he there with Serena now? Is Serena giving birth in a cave???

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