Book 2 - Chapter 55

Chapter 54 – Precious Souls


A sound of a cry and a huff escaped my mouth when I realized who just materialized inside the cave. My husband, who looked so good, so handsome, but also so worried, stood before me. My heart instantly leaped in joy.

Finally, he came and right on time.

“You never called me,” he said as he stepped forward toward me.

“I was about to,” I answered, half wincing, half smiling.

His warm hand contacted my cheek, and I reveled in the feel that it brought.

“How are you feeling?” His gentle eyes landed on mine. His other hand touched my contracting belly and moved it up and down the roundness.

“Tired,” I replied. “I’m in labor, Aero.”

“I know,” he simply answered. He looked so calm on the exterior, but I knew deep inside his many emotions were swirling

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Giamaria C. Isgett
Such a great book!!! Love this with the boys!!

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