Chapter Six

 Dinner was had in comfortable conversation by the three. Stolas made his way up to talk to Sam while Candy walked Annie to her room.  

“Thank you for dinner,” Annie said with a slight blush staining her cheeks.  

“Anytime, I enjoyed cooking for you.” Candy said, she wanted to kiss Annie but didn’t want to scare her away. Stepping closer, Candy nervously fidgeted with the hem of her tank top. Annie looked up at her with wide blue eyes as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. She stepped closer to Candy, feeling the heat of her body through her thin t-shirt.  

“Is it okay, if I-“ Annie said before looking down shyly.

“Yes.” Candy blurted out as she leaned forward, pressing her lips to Annie’s soft lips. Annie sighed, feeling the sparks from before, the heat trailing through her. Flickering to the spots where their bodies touched. Candy brought her hand up to cup Annie’s cheek, her other hand moving to her waist to press her body against her mates. Feeling the soft press of breasts against her own made arousal coil low in the pit of her stomach. She ran her tongue across Annie’s bottom lip and smiled as her lips parted.

Annie lost herself in the kiss. The way that Candy’s tongue moved against hers had her toes curling in her sneakers and her heart beating quicker. She had never been kissed so tender yet commanding at the same time.  

Candy kissed her way along Annie’s jaw, savoring the way her mate reacted to her. The soft gasping moan that blew hot against her ear, the way Annie’s pulse beat under her tongue as she laved it across her skin. Before kissing the spot that she would sink her teeth into when she finally claimed her mate.  

Annie was in heaven, with the way that Candy was making her feel as she moved her hands up to tangle them in Candy’s messy ponytail. Holding her in place as the wolf kissed and nipped at her skin, leaving small love bites in her wake. She couldn’t help but want this to go further as heat spread through her body.

Annie could feel the steady pulse of desire as it washed over her. Making her wish she could take Candy into her room. To feel her hands on her body and to see if Candy were just as beautiful as she thought she would be with her hair loose splayed on her pillow as Annie trailed her lips lower.  

Annie couldn’t help but wonder if Candy’s honey would taste as sweet as her lips. She let out a shuddering moan as the thought, Candy growled low in her throat at the smell of her mate’s arousal perfuming the air.  

“Oh god, that’s hot.” Said a deep masculine voice that made Annie and Candy jump away from each other.  

“Stop perving Trevor and walk off.” Candy said with a snarl and her blonde-haired pack mate.  

“Didn’t know you were into chicks.” He said with a smirk as his dark eyes met flickered over to Annie. “I had no idea that Abby had a hot twin little thin for my tastes, is she easy like her sister?”  

“Fuck off Trevor.” Candy said with a glare, “You don’t get to talk about my mate like that or Eli’s mate.”  

“Oh nice, so you planning to bang both sisters while Eli watches or can anyone-“ 

His words were cut off by the crunch of cartilage as Candy’s fist smashed into his nose.

“Fuck Candy, I wasn’t serious. Jesus, I think you broke my nose.” Trevor said cupping his now bloody nose.

“I’ll say it again, since you missed it the first time.” Candy said through clenched teeth, her eyes flashing to the warm amber color of her wolf. “Fuck off, Trevor!”  

Annie placed her hand on Candy’s arm, “It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not, I don’t like him talking about you like that.” Candy said watching Trevor as he all but ran away from them. “You’re my mate, your sister is my Alpha’s mate, my best friend’s mate.”  

“Candy,” Annie said worrying her lower lip, she turned looking at her mate.  


“I really liked kissing you.” She said looking down, “Don’t let him ruin that for us.”

Candy felt her cheeks heat up at Annie’s softly spoken words, she brought her fingertips to Annie’s chin tilting her head up so she could meet her blue-green gaze. “I like kissing you too.” Candy said, biting her lower lip. Annie couldn’t help the way her eyes flickered down to look at her full lips with their pretty little cupid’s bow.

“Would you, I mean would you like to come to my room with me?” Annie asked.

Candy looked at the closed door. She very much did. She knew though that if she did that there was no way she wouldn’t be taking Annie. Claiming her mate. Candy wanted the chance to give her romance before that, to show Annie that she was precious.  

That Candy would treasure her for the rest of their lives.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“Oh, I’m. I just, I just thought that you-“ Annie sputtered out, her embarrassment clear in her eyes as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I do, don’t ever think that I don’t.” Candy said. “I just know that this is a forever thing and I want to make you fall in love with me.”

Annie stepped closer to Candy as she looked at her through lowered lashes, “I’ve never done this before, but I’m glad it’s with you.”

Candy felt her heart beat flutter with those soft words, she breathed in the scent of her mate savoring it for later. Later, when she could close her eyes and loose herself in the fantasy of Annie.  

“I’ll see you in the morning okay?” Candy said and Annie nodded, “If you need me I’m down the hallway on the left, first door.”  

Annie wanted to tell her that she did need her, that she would always need her. She didn’t want to scare her away though and worried that confession might send the pretty wolf running for the hills.  

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Candy and Annie are so cute together. Trevor is lucky it was his nose and not his dick.
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Jane Knight
I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this one, my dh is out of town til this weekend so I'm having to give the kids extra attention while he's away. Next week I'll get back into my normal update schedule <3 Thank you guys for reading and commenting <3
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Clare Cope
When will you update please? X

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