Chapter Twenty-Four

P.o.v. Gar

I walked behind the tiny women named Damina, she seemed to always be sharing her face with her wolf Gloria.

“Your face is that by choose to share or was that the way you were born?”

She laughed her head thrown back, “The way I was born. My wolf is strong, like Trax and Fallon though that is different because he is a hybrid. They sometimes get it easier, they have more choice. My mom gave me two names when I was born. Damina for the human and Gloria for the wolf that was always on display for the world. My father was the same way, teeth, eyes, and ears. They were in his wolf form. I liked to pet them.”

“Your father is gone?”

“Oh, both my parents are gone. My mother was killed by a rouge shortly after having me. My father raised me to my full transition and then went off to join my mother. It was terribly hard on him.”

“I’d like to say I understand losing a pa

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