Chapter 8: The Girl Under The Rain.

Alyia's POV.

"You have three meetings to attend later, madame. Also, you have to visit the site. Remember the resort that's soon to rise? You have to visit it personally. As the board wishes.", Debbie said while holding her folder that states all of my schedule.

"Okay. You may go out.", I commanded her.

After a few seconds, I heard a closing of the door.

"Good morning, Cole.", it's Debbie's voice from outside.

"Here's the steak, ma'am. And also, there's rice. I know that you haven't eaten yet. So, sorry if you woke up and didn't found me by your side. I just bought you breakfast."

There comes his annoying face with a smirk again. Last night, he was acting like somebody else. Not like this.

A weirdo. That's Cosmos for you.

"It's okay and besides, I thought this day would be so peaceful but when I saw your face, I realized that bad days really exists.", I said as I get the food from his hand.

Tapping his shoulder, I smirked.

Now, it was him who rolled his eyes.

I stared at him, a
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