Chapter 05

The style at which Bella arranged her stuffs which were mostly books, journals, and novels in her locker almost played a smile on her lips. But when she recalled the turbulence she was phasing through, it dampened her. Then she heard her neighbouring locker open noisily and no doubt, it was the most dreadful person's doing. Arthur Middleton.

Her heart began to pace and her palm gradually turned cold from shivering and anxiety. Recalling her mother's words, she understood the Vampire wouldn't hesitate in killing her if she pressed the wrong buttons. So rather than indulge in a conversation with a blood sucking being, she decided to scurry away. She closed her locker briskly and was about to pace away when he held her back with his words.

"Get ready tomorrow. You and I are going to my Witch's abode." He muttered in his usual icy tone. She clutched tightly to her books leaning against her chest. She turned to his Grey coloured irises blooming in an intimidating manner. His hair was neatly styled in it's gelled pompadour and his lips red as rose. "Your lost puppy better worth it." He scorned. 

"But tomorrow we have school and," 

"And what?" His brows arched into a frown. Bella could swear he inched closer. She almost lost her tongue in the process.

"We have Mr. Alrik's history assignment to work on." She stuttered as she held his gaze.

"So I'm the jobless student huh?" He growled in a lowly mannerism. 

"I didn't say that." She argued.

"But you implied it." He took another step, his cold breaths were now landing on her cheeks. Under a different circumstance she would have nearly kissed him. His irresistible physique was enough to drive any lady nuts. But this was Arthur here, A ruthless Vampire. 

"Listen, don't get me wrong,"

"Listen?" He cut in sharply. His distaste rolling out on his tongue. Bella's anxiety began to jump greater heights noticing the look of anger and irritation painted on his face.

"Hey man," Dan and his clique approached Arthur with proud grins inscribed on their faces. Bella was at least thankful they were enough to distract Arthur's attention. It was an opportunity to escape from his iron grip.

"Stay!" He ordered regardless of Dan's group that encircled him. She exhaled and decided to show defiance to his authority. She trotted away as brisk as possible. 

"I'm Dan and you are the newbie that's got every girl talking." Dan uttered. Arthur rewarded them with hostility but they chose not to pay attention. "I'm sure you've heard of us too." Dan tucked at Arthur's top. Indeed he had heard of them. The highly acclaimed big guys of Belgrave High. He knew how this was going to go; they would beckon him to join their clique. But Arthur wasn't interested one bit, his focus was on Bella who had outrightly disobeyed him. She was the first human he had ever saved in decades. Perhaps because of her beauty or the polished Red hair of hers or because she reminded him of someone he once loved.  

"I'll advice you find someone your size to join your ridiculous clique. Now get your petty asses away from me." Arthur ordered causing a frown to their faces. 

"People beg to join us and here you are disregarding us like we're nothing." One of them responded in a furious tone.

"I won't ask again." Arthur bellowed. 

"Oh, so you're one of those lone wolves who think they are better than us." Dan retorted.

"I don't think, I know." Arthur smirked. 

"We'll see about that." Dan answered signalling his friends to follow suit "Lone Wolf." 

  Arthur could feel the eyes of every student in the hallway on him. Typical highschool, he thought before striding away in a proud fashion.


Bella found it tasking, listening to her teacher's lecture. Her consciousness constantly travelled to the conversation she shared with her mother. It still surprised her that her mother was a prestigious Supernatural Species Hunter and perhaps more. She couldn't phantom why her mother had chosen to keep it a secret. Regardless of how dangerous the Supernatural world is, she deserved to know the truth. Werewolves, Vampires, Witches and perhaps more she was oblivious of.  

The Classroom door flung open startling everyone including Bella. Who jolted awake into reality.  Her eyes exclaimed as Arthur appeared at the door. His countenance monstrous and without iota of fear nor regard for the teacher. 

"How dare you barge into my class like that?!" Her teacher yelled agitatedly. Arthur sauntered towards him. 

"Shut your trashy mouth and get out of this class." Arthur ordered.  And to everyone's surprise, the teacher obeyed like one who is enchanted. Bella exhaled remembering the talks of Arthur possessing special abilities. He approached her and without further ado, grabbed her out of the class. 

"Let me go!" Bella screeched but his grip only tightened. They continued to walk through the hallway until they landed in the Janitor's closet. Why he had done bizarre thing irked her. He had asked for her to stay away from him but now he was the one chasing after her. 

"What did I do wrong now?!" She asked defiantly. Arthur faced her with an overly agitated countenance but she ignored. "Because of you I got detention yesterday and now again, I'm going to land in another trouble. Why are you doing this to me? Why!" 

"Shut up!" Arthur roared, ferociously eyeing her off. She was at least thankful he didn't pin her to the wall like yesterday. "Didn't I ask you not to disobey me yet your dumb brain acted otherwise."

  Bella stared confusingly wondering where she had offended him. Her anger retreated into fear. Fear of what he might go to her. Within a blink of an eye he sped towards her, curbing her wrists behind her back with one hand. Her chest against his steely chest. His other hand weaved her curly red hair to the right leaving the side of her neck bare open. Her heart thumped loudly with abnormal speed. Was he going to bite her?. 

"I should never have saved you, Cosgrove." He growled while his eyes changed reddish black and fangs boldly glittering beneath his upper lips. Bella tried to wriggle from his iron grip but failed miserably. Horrific awe had consumed the entirety of her soul. Was this how she would die? In the Janitor's closet of Belgrave High. Sucked to death by a ruthless 500 year old Vampire. 

"Please Arthur, let me go." She screamed, tears trickling down her face as his nose circled about a spot on her neck. "Please!" She screamed again wondering why nobody was yet to save her from the hands of a monster.  

"The cops would be here any moment from now, thanks to you." His cold breaths swarmed around her neck

"I'm not going to kill you now but the day I bury my fangs into this euphoric taste of your blood, there would be no coming back." He huffed and freed her from his grasp. Bella ran backwards immediately, shielding her neck with her hair back. She started to hyperventilate while his eyes returned to it's grey colour and fangs living no more.   

"I told you not to tell anyone about me yet your parroting mouth spilled the beans to your mother. Now she's here alongside her simpletons for me." Arthur voiced with a devilish smile. 

"My life is in danger and so is Jeremy's. You don't expect me to keep quiet." Bella retorted with her body still shivering. 

"Some part of me wished." He answered nonchalantly. "But in the end, you're a Cosgrove." 

"And you're a murderer." She spat out. 

"Amidst other things." He stated dryly with a shrug. 

"What are you gonna do now, won't you run?" 

He laughed evilly for seconds before slipping into his cold hearted face. 

"Running is not how I do things." He pursed his lips as he inched closer. She stepped backwards. "I'll do this the old fashioned way. I'll let the simpletons take me but believe me, I will 'Kill' them in the most gruesome way possible."    

  The door flung open with two policemen pointing their pistols towards Arthur. Bella heaved a sigh of relief knowing this was her mother's doing. 

"Arthur Middleton, you're under arrest. Turn around, hands in the air." One of them yelled but Arthur shot her a sinister grin.

"Their deaths is your doing, Cosgrove." He sounded in a whisper only her could hear. They cuffed him in haste.

"Are you okay? Bella." One of them asked. She nodded while they exited with Arthur. She heaved another sigh of relief, thankful her life was now safe from the clutches of Arthur. All she had to deal with now, is finding Jeremy. 


  Bella originally concluded that she had gotten rid of Arthur until she arrived her home. The first thing she noticed was the wrecked door opened and hanging lazily. She emerged into the building cautiously but her eyes widened. She gasped at the horrific mess scattered about the parlor. The windows were shattered, the couches displaced upside down and traces of blood painted all over the wall and hardwood floor. Her consciousness drowned in an ocean of terror as she saw her mother's police hat on the floor. 

"Mom!" She screamed whilst running to other rooms for her mother.


Unfortunately, she didn't find her mother anywhere. As she returned to the messy parlour, only one obvious fact dawned on her.

Her mother has been abducted.


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