Billionaire's Bed Warmer
Billionaire's Bed Warmer
Author: LostpuppyJS

Chapter 1 - Drinking With A Stranger!

Kayla was sitting on a barstool, her long hair cascaded on her shoulder.

She was sipping a light blue colored drink and frowning at the mobile screen. In this new city, she felt like she didn’t belong here and she felt homesick already. A bar was definitely the worst place for a girl if she came alone and didn’t look for any hookup. Countless men would try to get inside her pant. And same thing happened with Kayla too. So far she declined four men; they wanted to buy her drink. But their intention was pretty clear.

She was finished with the drink and about to get up but the bartender placed a tumbler of Margarita before her.

"I didn’t ask for this." She scowled. She was feeling a bit tipsy now.

"The man sitting there bought you the drink, Mam." The young bartender spoke gesturing to a man sitting four barstools away from her.

Her eyes moved towards the man hoping to see another lousy one like before.  But unexpectedly, this man was handsome; a glass of wine was in his hand.

Details of his facial features weren’t clearly visible under the dark setting of the bar, but it was enough to make her understand that the man was extraordinarily attractive. He was wearing a black t-shirt that hugged his hard chest tightly, covering his bulging muscular arms.

His broad shoulder and arms indicated that he was tall and huge. It was supposed to be a glance but Kayla couldn’t stop staring at him.

The man's lips curved upward in a smirk and he winked at her. Realizing that she was still staring at him, Kayla cleared her throat and looked away; returning her eyes on the mobile screen. She quickly tried to concentrate on her phone to ignore that man.


"Hey, gorgeous!" Kayla looked up to see who called her. It was the man who bought her the drink. He sat beside her.

Her breath kinda hitched for a moment when she saw him closely. He was the epitome of beauty. Though it should be handsome as he was a man, but Kayla couldn't help thinking like that.

"Hey!" She said flatly.

"So, you don’t like Margarita, I guess." The man spoke eyeing the untouched drink.

"I don't accept drinks from strangers." She gave him a curt reply.

"How about we change it? I am Brandon." The man said.

"Aren’t you a little impatient?" Kayla queried, rolling her eyes. She was trying her best to give him an ‘I am not interested. You can fuck off’ look, but she was failing miserably. Alcohol was already messing with her brain, affecting her nerves.

"You caught my eyes and I hate to pretend. Don't act like you aren’t attracted to me when you were checking me out for five full minutes. Even now, you are clenching your thighs together." Brandon chuckled.

Kayla's mouth dropped open at his claim. He was telling the truth. She was really squirming. But how could he spell that out loud?

She let out a laugh. She kinda liked that man even though she shouldn’t have. He was out and out arrogant.

"I am Kayla," She spoke and taking the glass, took a sip.

"So, Kayla, why are you so stressed?" He asked.

"How do you know?" She frowned.

"I have been checking you out for a long time. Ever since you have come here, you are tapping furiously on your phone. Your forehead is knitted, upsetting your pretty princess face. What's the matter, hun? I can make you forget about your worry tonight." He spoke, bringing his mouth close to her ear. His fresh minty breath hit her skin, giving her light goosebumps.

Kayla was a beautiful girl and this type of attention wasn’t something new to her but the extremely handsome stranger seemed to put a spell on her. She couldn’t ignore him.

They talked for two more hours and had more drinks. Both of them were pretty drunk by then. Brandon was laughing with her and Kayla was giggling like a little girl everything he was saying. It was unusual for them as both of them were pretty reserved around public.

The alcohol seemed like messed her head opening all the doors of her unrestrained emotions.

“I am fighting against the world. Everything about love is a lie, no matter what is it.” She uttered.

And Brandon’s eyes moved to her, thinking she must have experienced a terrible break up. He consoled her, “Oh dear!”

“This is why I am here! I leftttt!” She said gulping the remaining amount of drink in a go.

His fingers brushed lightly along her thighs and she involuntary closed her eyes; electricity shot in her center. Brandon withdrew his hands and chuckled looking at her. Her face was flushed.

Brandon's eyes roamed in her body. She was wearing a V-neck maroon cocktail dress reaching her thighs and a pair of black stiletto. Her cleavage was peeping through the neckline. Even though he was drinking, his throat dried at the sight. His cock twitched.

She was a petite girl, her face was so pretty. Intoxicated, Kayla also looked at him with her eyes hooded in lust.

Suddenly, Brandon pulled Kayla on his lap and smashed his lips on hers. Kayla also kissed him back, wrapping her hands around his neck. And the kiss got more heated and steamy as their hands caressed each other’s body. Fisting his hair, Kayla wrapped her legs around his waist. And Brandon’s hand moved to her breasts over the dress. For a second they felt that they were only two persons, inside their invisible bubble; not in public.

“Hey! Get a room! So gross!” Someone yelled from beside.

They got out of their trances hearing this and released each other panting. They both were embarrassed because for the first time they lost control this way.

"Let me show you heaven." Saying, he stood up, pulling her arms gently. At that moment Kayla guessed what was going to happen and she also knew that wasn't supposed to happen. But she didn't care.


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