Slipping on the only pair of clean clothes I had, which happened to be a light blue washed skinny jeans and a navy blue V-neck t-shirt, I threw on my nude ballet flats to complete the look. I turned towards the mirror to survey my outfit, but the sight that I was greeted with, shocked me.

My limp blonde waist long hair was replaced by a head full of thick, midnight black strands.

‘How hadn't I noticed that before?’

My skin was flawless and tanned- probably from being out in the sun for the past three and a half weeks- there was not a blemish in sight. Familiar ice blue eyes shined brighter than ever before, gone was the dull pained blue that I was used to seeing, these eyes held hope for a positive future.

Perhaps I was too preoccupied to notice the changes before, but I loved my new look. It made me feel confident- something I haven't felt in eight years.

When I finally got used to my reflection I left the room and walked down to the dining hall that the guys showed to me earlier. The room was noisy and already filled with pack members, making me feel uneasy.

When I stepped into the room it fell into a dead silence and my heart rate picked up. Jake and Dristan broke the trance everyone seemed to be in when they walked towards me to usher me into the room. Jake had his arm around my shoulder in a comforting manner as he led me to the head of the table where Alpha Jamie stood.

“Good evening everybody, this is Allison Trust; she is the newest member of the Blue Moon Pack. I expect everyone to welcome her and make her feel at home.” Alpha Jamie spoke with authority when I stood beside him.

Judging from the undivided attention the pack gave him, he was a good Alpha, his pack respected him immensely.

They stared at me for a moment before everyone burst into chatter once again; some people welcomed me to the pack, others just sent me smiles. I cannot even describe the feeling that bubbled in my heart at their reaction, in that moment I knew I'd found where I belong.

I was seated between a cute little five year old named Alvin and a beautiful older woman who introduced herself as Sally. I would have taken the seat beside Dristan if Jake hadn’t frowned at the suggestion, it was quite amusing to see them fight over me, but the last thing I wanted was to come between them.


As I made my way to the kitchen with a few dishes in hand, ready to help with the cleaning, my name was called by Alpha Jamie who told me to meet him in his office.   

I stepped in behind him and for the first time I took in the interior of his office, like the rest of the pack house it gave off a homey feeling. The walls were covered in racks that held different books; in the middle of the room was a huge table that could seat four people across from the Alphas chair. In the corner was a brown, L-shaped leather couch which he gestured for me to take a seat on.

“How are you settling in Allison?” A smile made its way onto my face as I thought about my few hours at the house.

“Everything and everyone is amazing. Thank you so much Alpha Jamie! Words cannot begin to describe how grateful I am that you welcomed me into your pack.” I told him sincerely but he dismissed it immediately.

“I am glad that you accepted my invitation. You are a very strong wolf Allison. I have been doing some research about black wolves and I have come up with some information that may shed some light. One of my books here says that every Century a black wolf is born, the wolf is known as the Shadow Wolf since it is pure black. The Shadow wolf possesses certain abilities and gifts bestowed upon by the Moon Goddess; each gift has a purpose in aiding the Shadow wolf in their quest.” My eyes widened in shock.

“The reason she created the Shadow Wolf is to give assistance to fellow packs, the Shadow Wolf is meant to train other packs and help them to grow stronger in order to fight off the enemy that threatens to destroy the order of pack life. The Shadow Wolf must learn and master control of each of its gifts in order to be successful in its purpose.” he explained frankly, as if he were telling a story, rather than my purpose on this earth.

“The book explains in detail how each of the gifts are discovered and controlled, it also explains that the wolf will shift for the first time on the night of a blue moon when the body of its human is strong enough to handle the shift.” My eyebrows furrowed in confusion, why me?   

“Wow…” was my lame reply.

He chuckled lightly, “I’m sure that this is all a great shock to you, I was stunned too. Allison, every now and then something amazing happens. This is your ‘something’. It is up to you to embrace or deny this destiny that was bestowed unto you by the Goddess.”

“If you do, I think you should start training immediately, first your physical strength and speed and then your mental strength and gifts. You were sent to the Blue Moon Pack by the Mother herself and it would be our honour to be a part of your training.” He smiled proudly.

So, what do you say Allison?” I still felt stunned by his revelation, but the urge in me to accept his offer was stronger than ever.

“Thank you, Alpha Jamie. This means so much to me.” I could feel tears burning the back of my eye, but I blinked to wash away the sensation.

We spoke about my training schedule which began as early as tomorrow morning. I had never trained before, so I had a long journey ahead of me, but I was positive that I could do it. If the Moon Goddess trusted me to carry out the task of being the Shadow Wolf, I was sure that she would not set me up for failure.

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