I walked for hours before I came across a stream, the sun was already beginning to set so I decided that I would spend the night there and leave at sunrise. The $800 I had in my pocket probably wouldn't last me long, but I could find a job that would support me permanently.

For the next few weeks I wandered through the woods in search of civilization, my feet stepped in whatever direction my instincts led me and prayed to the Moon Goddess that it would lead me somewhere good. I was well aware that I could be on Werewolf territory but since my scent was human I didn't think they would care much.

The night of the second full moon, twenty-three days after leaving the Full Moon pack and venturing out into the forest, I sat under a tree beside a stream when suddenly a sharp pain shot up my spine, the pain was worse than anything I had ever felt before. My entire body suddenly felt like it was on fire, I fell to the ground writhing in pain as I felt each and every bone in my body break and take a new shape.

This was it; I was shifting into a werewolf for the first time in my life.

After what felt like hours of screaming and gritting my teeth, the pain subsided and I was able to stand up. It was quite strange to stand up on four legs, after a bit of wobbling and almost falling over I made it to the stream. Taking a look at my reflection in the water, instead of the usual picture I got when I looked into a mirror I was faced with a midnight black wolf staring back at me.

‘We’re beautiful, aren’t we?’ a calming voice sounded in my head, my wolf.

‘Yes, magnificent’ I answered in awe.

My bright ice blue eyes shined like lights in the night, my coat was a pure glittering black in the moonlight. The pure black wolf was unheard of, usually black wolves had at least a speck of white or brown.

‘All your questions will be answered in the right time, young Allison. My name is Shadow.’ I didn't push further, too awestruck to care about her vague answer.

I was beautiful.  

‘It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Shadow.’

Another thing that puzzled me was that my wolf was far bigger than any average wolf and I looked to be the size of an Alpha Male. I could feel the power that coursed through my veins and for the first time in my life I felt invincible. After spending a few minutes in my wolf form, I shifted back and lay beside the fire in another set of clothes and for the first time in eight years I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

My hearing was extremely heightened; which explains why I could hear every detailed movement around me even while asleep. The snapping of a stick caused my eyes to shoot open; I was immediately hit by three male-like scents approaching from my left. I couldn't explain how I knew all this, but I didn't question my instincts when I shifted into my wolf form and hid behind a tree.

I had no doubt that they would smell me behind the tree, but the shadows gave me the advantage of knowing what I was up against before they could see me. 

The three men stepped out of the woods, one radiated more power than the other two I could immediately tell that he was the Alpha.

As I was observing them something strange happened, a blue light engulfed each of them, somewhat surrounding them in different hues.

‘Shadow, why are they glowing?’ I asked worriedly, feeling uneasy by the sudden change, people never glowed before.

‘They are of pure heart, they mean no harm, they are honest and trustworthy.’ she responded in the soothing voice that I have come to love in the few times that I'd heard it.

My tension eased slightly at her words and just like that the hue faded away.

They still hadn't spotted me observing them so I continued, feeling less threatened. The Alpha was a handsome man who looked to be in his early forties while the Beta and Theta looked to be in their early twenties.

A strange combination, generally the next generation of Alpha takes over from his father at the same time as the Beta and Theta. Their eyes widened when they finally spotted me, I could tell they were as shocked as I was to see a pure black wolf.

“Shift!” The Alpha yelled, I could tell he used his alpha tone, but for some strange reason it had no effect on me, instead it made me feel annoyed. As fast as the feeling arose I pushed it down and shifted, not wanting to disrespect an Alpha whose territory I may be trespassing on.

I stepped out of the shadow once I was fully clothed, “Good morning Alpha. My name is Allison, I apologise for trespassing on your land, I am simply passing through.” I looked him dead in the eye, hoping to convey my honesty. 

“You look young my dear, how is it that a young girl is travelling alone and radiates such power?” he looked genuinely intrigued and a little suspicious if the narrowing of his eyes said anything. 

I found myself trusting this perfect stranger, “I left my pack after being rejected by my mate, I do not wish any harm, please just let me and I will be on my way.” He studied me for a moment before stepping closer.  

“You look like you could use a shower and a warm meal, why don't you come with us to the pack house and we will see what we can do for you?” He responded, much to my surprise. I was taken aback by the generosity of this perfect stranger.

“I would be very grateful to you.” I agreed, not wanting to pass up the opportunity. The only thing I’d eaten recently was fruits I picked from a tree in the forest the day after I left.

“My name is Alpha Jamie Wells; this is my Beta, Jacob Andrew and my Theta, Dristan Wright of the Blue Moon Pack.” He gestured at the slightly tanned, black haired, brown eyed guy and the blond haired green eyed guys respectively.

They smiled and nodded then gestured for me to walk before them.

‘What gentlemen.’ I thought wistfully.

We walked wordlessly to the pack house; every pack member we passed smiled and greeted the three and sent me inquisitive looks, probably wondering why a female rogue was walking with the Alpha.

When we reached the Alpha's office as stated on the door I was seated in a comfortable seat across from the Alpha while the Beta and Theta sat on either side of me.

“I’ve asked one of the ladies to prepare a room for you to freshen up in, but in the meanwhile I'd like to know your story Allison, if you don't mind?” he asked politely and perhaps it was the fatherly look on his face, but the dam suddenly broke free.

Tears flowed down my face as I told them about the death of my parents and the pack’s change towards me. Recounting the events that led me to this point made me realise how long overdue this change was. Living in the forest with little food, no shelter and virtually nothing but trees made me feel more at peace than I was for the past eight years  

“That's atrocious! How could they blame you for your parent's death, you were only a child?” Beta Jacob frowned deeply, his fists were clenched and his once warm brown eyes were now black with anger.  

I glanced at Theta Dristan and Alpha Jamie and noticed the same anger in their eyes, “It doesn't matter now, leaving there was the best decision I've ever made and even though I never expected to last so long in the forest without a wolf, I am stronger now and I know I can survive.” I spoke calmly and I noticed how their tension drained with my voice.

“What do you mean, without a wolf?” Alpha Jamie asked with a frown.

“I shifted for the first time last night.” I answered honestly.

“What, that makes no sense, you're sixteen!” Jacob emphasized.

“I have no idea, I was sure I didn't have a wolf at all until last night.” I shrugged.

“That would explain how you were able to wander the territory virtually undetected all these days.” Alpha Jamie mused, “I could look into the matter if you'd like?” he offered and I smiled gratefully.

“You really don't have to; I'd hate to be a bother.” I looked down, feeling unsure of their generosity.

“Nonsense Allison, it would be my pleasure.” He waved me off, “In fact, how would you like to become a member of the Blue Moon pack?” I was taken aback by the offer.

“Wow, I don't know what to say.” I breathed in shock.

“Say you'd love to!” Jacob suggested with bright eyes.

“I really would be honoured.” I could feel tears gathering in my eyes. Here were three perfect strangers willing to take me in and offer me a home, while the people I loved and trusted my whole life couldn't even look me in the eye.

“It's settled then! Let us complete the oath before the guys show you your room.” Creating the bond felt odd, but once the oath was over, I felt a sense of belonging that I'd never felt before and it was nothing short of amazing.

Dristan and Jacob showed me around the pack house and to my room, I learnt that pack house was used by all unmated wolves as well as the Alpha, Beta and Theta regardless of them being mated or not. The guys were welcoming and fun to be around, they talked a lot and in the few hours I had learnt that they were both extremely cocky and playful.

I looked around my new room in the pack house, they offered to help me redecorate it, but I loved it, it was more than I could ever have dreamt of. Three walls were painted crisp white with the one behind the bed being scarlet red; the white beddings contrasted against the wall as it was with red and silver cushions to fit the theme. I had a huge walk-in closet and spacious en-suite which housed a huge bathtub and double shower. All in all, the room was amazing and all it needed was a personal touch.

After taking a much needed warm shower, I set the little belongings I had in the closet, making a mental note to do some shopping.

I set the photograph of my family on my bedside table with a heavy feeling in my heart when my eye caught the time; it was almost six which meant that supper would be starting in the dining hall.

I was nervous to be introduced to the pack, coming from a pack where so many people hated me I didn't know what to expect.

I hate that their treatment made me insecure, I hate that they made me feel inadequate, but this is my fresh start and I vowed that I would undo the damage they did.

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Rafaella Vittoria
I love the new pack. they're so nice. I also love the fact that when her old pack comes to them for help, they're going to be so shocked and embarrassed about the way they treated her
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Bella Jersey
Let’s go girl time to change your life
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How can she go ahead of them if she doesn’t know where to go?

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