Chapter 49

POV Lance

"Fuck!" Troy yelled as he took off running.

We all followed him to a scene that made my heart stop. Stacy and Samantha were standing in a circle of my father's warriors. My dad was pointing a gun at Samantha. At my mate! Just as we ran up, he shot it and I felt myself almost break. We all watched in horror as Stacy leapt at Samantha, knocking her down.

Troy roared and started attacking the warriors. The rest of us were quick to follow as we all tried to call out to Samantha and Stacy. As I beat the warrior in front of me, I saw Samantha rise and crawl towards Stacy. I snapped the warriors neck and ran to my mate.I killed another warrior that dared to get between us with ease. I reached the girls just as Troy did. We looked at each other in worry and I looked down to see Samantha sobbing over Stacy.

"It's okay. He just got my shoulder." Stacy said.

"You fucking bitch! Why would you do that? I could kill you!" my sweet mat

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Debbie Proffer
Brings tears to my eyes such a good story
goodnovel comment avatar
Tesoro Princel
Actually this is the best novel so far i read in this app. Who ever you are making this story i dont mind spend a lot of coins reading it,its not boring and the story line does not go somewhere just to make it long and interesting.
goodnovel comment avatar
Victoria Krechting
Wauw girl you rocked his world ­čśĆ­čśĆ­čśĆ­čśĆ­čśĆ

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