[51] The last reunion

~Kara's POV~

Everyone was present at the Sterling's Manor for their annual Thanksgiving party but unlike the usual, this year it was just us from the alliance minus other siders, company employees and stake holders.

The Sterling sons which were: Edward, Johnny and Lance. 

The Starllion daughters which were: Anna, Risha and myself.

Then the rest of the alliance: Barbara, Sam and Detective Harvey her Dad, Daniel and Johnny's Mom, Elaine Jackie Briggs.

We were complete and it was now time for the feast to begin. This last supper was the ultimate reunion of a life time with all our surviving family members present.

I was sitting between Lance and Sam at the table.

"Can we all hold hands and bow our heads as we say the Grace." Barbara called out to everyone present at the table.

Barbara recited the grace and we all chorused, "Amen".

The maids began bringing the food in, a savoury smell that made mouths water filled the air as eve

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