King's Revenge

King's Revenge

By:  Ayinne Eiram  Completed
Language: English
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Ruling his land with all his heart, he did no wrong but ended up falling his reign for a sin he never did. "Your Majesty, Do you have any last words for your people?" Being humiliated like a criminal who purged innocents, do he really deserve to recieve such disgrace? “Your homeland whom you loved… your people whom you cherished… your knights and warriors whom you sharpened… such a great present to receive…” Not a curse to bless upon them who have wronged him, not a words begging for his life, on his last breathe, the king accepted his fate. 'I have gave them what I can give. What kind of a ruler am I if I would hurt those whom I serve?' With the hands of his own child, the prince of the kingdom, his life ended in a flash. The last thing he can hear was the shouting of people, celebrating as if it was something to look forward. As he saw such sight… his eyes lit no light of hope… Huff huff huff “Good thing you are finally awake, hurry up before the others empty the bins” “Where… am I?“

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“Your Majesty, this is as far as I can help you. The boat is waiting for you at the borders. Just head straight and you will see it hiding behind the round rock. Forgive me if I cannot accompany you. It is an honor to serve you, Your Majesty.” “Pushed out of the tunnel, his knight Conor closed the gate so as not to let them chase after his king. With his hand shaking, the last sight Alexis could see was the smile of his loyal guard as a number of soldiers ran behind him. “Conor…” he mumbled as he ran to the shore where the boat was waiting for him. Swallowing his saliva, he held back his tears. Conor was like a brother to him. In his miserable family, he found what the real concern really was. The warmth of a family’s love that he never received from his parents, Alexis found it in Conor. ‘He sacrificed his life to protect me… am I really worthy of it?’ And so Conor’s words echoed in his ears as if he was just beside him and all.” ‘You Majesty, it is time for your meal. Please do
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Chapter 1: Where am I?
"Hey, stop zoning out! Hello?? Alex, are you alright?" With his hand a bit smaller than what it was, his hands looked thin too. 'Alex? Is it me? And who is this kid?' They then heard the sound of a carriage running near where they were. "Come, let's go!" And so the guy, taller than him, maybe around 13 or so, jumped into the cart full of trash. "Hey, Frank! Watch out!" Surprised by him calling Frank with no hesitation, he felt numb as he remembered everything that happened to this body. Thrown out by his own family, he was sold as a slave but luckily got out of their hands when bandits ambushed the cart of those slave merchants. In his wandering around, he ended up in this place and met Frank. Living by snatching waste foods from the waste carts, they were doing this day by day. "Hey, why did you not jump? It is a bounty today. What a waste, they have lots of this meat, a bit smelly but better than nothing. Hehe" "Frank, what do we call this place again?" "Huh? You mean this
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Chapter 2: Who are You?
"Brother Clad! Wait! That is Alex! Stop!" Even with Frank trying to stop him, Clad did not listen. "You, how did you know about this?" Anger, that is the only thing that one can see when one looks into Clad’s eyes. Sorrow, there is a pain hiding behind his gaze. But even with his body moving like that in a rush, that doesn’t change the fact that he just recovered from a serious injury. To get bitten by a Kranses is no joke. After all, in this place secluded from the main palace of the Voneveir, to get an antidote can be seen as a miracle. "I am asking you, why do you know about Kranses and its antidote!!" Huffing, his breathing is now stable compared to what it was before, but his grip did not loosen. It is as if he was holding onto something that was worth his life. "Brother Clad! Stop! You are hurting him!" Pushing Clad away from Alex with all his might, Frank made no difference at all. He wasn’t strong enough to handle someone as big as Clad. He may look thin but his streng
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Chapter 3: Voneveir
"Stop standing idly, let's go." Clad knew the way in and out of the path that he had carved on his own. Pulling some sticks, he closed the path they came from. "This way, it will buy us some time to escape." Frank was still holding Alex's arm who seemed to be in a daze. "Who are they? Are they looking for you? What do they want from you?" Full of questions, Clad was a bit annoyed. "Long story." "I want to know. They ruined your house and-" "Frank, there is a good benefit in not knowing something. It's for your safety." With confusion on his face, Frank couldn't accept the answer that he had. "But Brother Clad." "Frank, I will tell you what you want to know but first, we have to get out of this place." Some soil started to fall in their direction. "We have to run.""But…" "Come, follow me!" Running, every step and every change of direction they made, didn't make any changes at all. The sound above the ground remained the same. As if it was following them. 'Brother Clad w
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Chapter 4: Voneveir II
Such joy in his face made Alex feel the opposite. 'So in the end, he didn’t survive. He won so many battles but he died at the hands of those he taught how to wield a sword… and as your King, I just let them do so… what kind of king am I if I just let you die like that? I even made your family live like this.' "He was named as a criminal for defending the king. I don’t care about his loyalty to the royals because, in my eyes, none of them deserves the throne. They are all scumbags." "Are… you not afraid of speaking about them like that?" Snickering, Clad didn’t even hide his resentment towards them. "I know who I should respect. In my opinion, they are not qualified for such a thing. All they have is a name, a royal bloodline which they probably made up just to be in that title," he sighed. Many things surely did happen in his life and he was well aware of it. But among those things, he was not a bit happy about what happened. "To be named as a criminal, if you are a royal or h
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Chapter 5: Alexis is Dead
Upon entering the house, what welcomed them was the number of bottles displayed on shelves. 'A shop? A store? I didn’t know there was a place like this in here…' But what caught their attention the most was the sound of water dripping from somewhere. Footsteps walked slowly, wanting to make sure that no surprise attack would land on them. Pointing their swords, some men went straight ahead, where they saw a doorway with a curtain. The one leading the troupe then pointed to that place. Telling his men to go and check that area. While he pointed the stairs to the other guards behind him. Nodding their heads, the Voneveir guards did just as they were told. As the first troupe went in the direction of the kitchen, the sound of the water droplets grew louder and louder. It didn't take them long to notice the room where that sound came from. The sound of the water dropping to the floor continued. One of the men then pointed at the door and as the other soldier nodded, they both forced
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Chapter 6: Alexis is Dead II
"What a pleasant morning, Rosan," He gave small greetings to the Queen of the Voneveir Kingdom, his wife, who gave him nothing but a small, cold reply. "Good morning." In front of him, countless dishes were prepared on a long table. All seats had extravagant decorations, specially created to be solely used by the royals. Soon, the door opened, revealing Allan, their son, the sole heir to the throne, and Rosan's beloved son. "Good morning, Mother. Just seeing you reassures me that it will be a pleasant day." He smiled brightly as he received a sweet and loving reply from his mother. "Take your seat now. Let us enjoy the food while it is served hot." "Yes, Mother." Smiling at the sight, Alexis found this scene familiar, as it was what he always saw each morning when they all gathered for breakfast. Marrying Rosan to have her family’s support was a mutual contract. He would have Rosan as the Queen to help him lead the kingdom, in exchange, she would have the power as the Queen.
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Chapter 7: Swordsmanship or Magic?
"Good morning, young lad, up here for the usual?" Nodding his head, Alex had a smile on his lips. "Yes, Mrs. Marter, I can’t start the day without the bread you made." Chuckling at Alex's words, the old lady had a smile on her lips. "That is how good my breads are. Here, I added an extra bread. It was an experiment my granddaughter made by herself. Do tell me how it tastes. And ah! Congratulations on finally becoming an adult!" "Thank you, Mrs. Marter! Surely it will taste good, thank you for the treat!" Smiling as she chuckled, Mrs. Marter then welcomed the new customers. "Mrs. Marter, you seem to be close with that kid. Isn’t he the Alex that is Cielo’s nephew?" "Yes, that is indeed him. You know, Cielo is lucky to have a kind nephew. Both Frank and Alex surely are the talk of the town." The town was still as lively as it had ever been. One could say that after all these years, many things changed. But it was for the better. After all, the Voneveir guards, as well as those o
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Chapter 8: Swordsmanship or Magic II
“Hey Frank, you tell me what happened! Who did that to you?! Tell me!” As soon as he sat down on the chair given by Alex, Cielo did a rampage on his shelves. He looks for any medicine that he can find. “Nothing, really… I am fine” Frank tries to avoid the topic. Not wanting to worry Cielo any further, it ended up causing the very man to explode in anger. “You don’t fuckin tell me you are. What do you think would Clad do to me if he ever saw you be in that state?? Clad would surely kill the hell out of me! Do you get it??!” “But…” “No buts. We talked about this already. You two must keep your safety first above all else. Now what did you do?” Not looking at the eyes of the mad Cielo, Frank tried to run his way out of his suspicions. But as good and kind-hearted as he is, it was known by many how he finds it hard to tell lies or even say things that are far from what he really thinks it was. With that being said, Frank is one of those person you can read whatever he thinks of it.
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Chapter 9: Swordsmanship or Magic?? III
“Hey kid, have you seen this person? He was this tall and was wearing a gray cloak” said the guards that was looking for Frank. Alex then put an innocent smile on his face. “Why? Are you going to recruit him as a soldier?” About to laugh at what he said, the guard then smiled suppressing his laughter. ‘What a fool’ “Yes, how did you know? We are looking for him because we saw his capabilities as we ran into him one time. Such talent can’t be wasted. Don’t you agree?” A small smirk then falls hidden in Alex’s lips. “Yes sir! He is very talented. I always watch him practice swords in the lake not far from the outside of the gate. He is really cool when he uses his sword, he goes bam boom wush washa!” giggling, if anyone can hear him say those words, they would surely think of how childish he is. “Yes yes, he surely is a great person handling a sword. So you know where that guy was?” “Yes! I know him too well. Let's go and see him. Hurry! He always leaves before it gets too lat
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