Chapter 50

Ethan’s face turned the colour of dead. It was pale, lips parted and breaths stuck in his windpipe, “You are joking, aren’t you? I have known Bill since childhood and I disagree with what you just claimed.” The friendship in his heart toward Bill did not convince him to accept their accusation.

They just said that Bill, his innocent friend, coerced them to do things as he threatened them. Like shit, Bill could do anything but force someone.

He was shy. He never opened his mouth to fight back people who tried to trouble him when alone. Although he was a friend to a jerk like Ethan, he remained non violent to people who picked on him with the intention to avenge Ethan for bullying them. When he could not protect himself from others' trouble, there was no chance that he would be trouble to anyone.

About bothering them using their relationship status as a bait was 

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