The Alpha Prince's Secret Mate

The Alpha Prince's Secret Mate

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"The reason I lied is because I love you, Cody." "No, you don't because if you did, you wouldn't have made me wait for so long!" ~~~~~~~~ Prince Cody is the perfect Prince of the Lycans and werewolves. However, he carries a heavy secret - he is gay, a fact that he hides from his people to protect his throne. Not only that, but he is also in love with his best friend, Rain. Despite his efforts to maintain the façade of a straight prince, Cody discovers on his eighteenth birthday that he was mated to Rain, who he believed was straight. Out of fear of not being accepted, Cody didn't tell Rain about his feelings. That night, they both slept with one another out of drunkenness, which led to a fight between them, breaking their nine-year friendship. What happens when they meet again two years later as roommates in their school, with Rain assigned to be Cody's bodyguard? As Cody and Rain spend more time together, their connection grows stronger. Cody eventually discovers Rain's secret, which threatens to break their friendship once again. When Cody's secret is eventually revealed, chaos erupts in the kingdom. The werewolf nobles demand that he be overthrown, but Rain stands by his side, willing to risk everything to protect the man he loves. Together, Cody and Rain must fight for their love and their kingdom's future, facing impossible odds and powerful enemies. Will Cody be accepted by his world? What is Rain's secret, and why did he hide it from Cody?

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I'm really enjoying this book, however it's just stopped at a cliffhanger. Are we going to get any more episodes as I really want them to get their happy ending.
2024-01-14 00:32:54
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I love this book so much
2023-11-18 18:55:59
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Successful W
Loving it... more chapters too...
2023-11-09 12:50:14
90 Chapters
Rain is my mate
~CODY~"The Crown Prince has arrived!" These words have been echoing in my ears since I turned ten years old. I've grown accustomed to hearing them, and as I was about to turn eighteen that night, they clung to me even tighter. Being the Crown Prince came with its perks, or so they said. Everyone expected me to be flawless, including my parents.Tonight held special significance for me. It marked my eighteenth birthday, celebrated with Caden and Cara. As Lycans, it was expected that we would discover our mates that night. With the moon shining brightly in the sky, I walked to the front of the royal garden to join my siblings. On my right, I saw my best friend, Rain, waving at me. We had been friends since we were nine.Our friendship was said to be fated by my parents. They believed that the Moon Goddess had destined us to be best friends forever, and they weren't wrong. But what if I wanted more? What if I'd been harboring a crush on my best friend since we turned thirteen? At first
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The Kiss
~Cody~"Hey, my dear friend, "Rain placed his hands on my shoulders, and the familiar rush of emotions returned. It was like an electric shock coursing through my body. I forced a smile, trying my best to hide the feelings I had for him. My heart raced like an incessant drum, and to make matters worse, he was laughing and refused to let go of my shoulder."Rain," I muttered, removing his hand from my shoulder. "Where's your girlfriend?" I asked, hoping my question would divert his attention. Rain sighed and folded his arms. I sighed in relief that he was keeping his hands to himself, sparing me from the overwhelming effect of the mate bond. It was agonizing being so close to him and not being able to claim him as mine."She left to babysit her siblings," he replied, placing his hand on my shoulder again and gently squeezing it. I couldn't contain it, and a low growl escaped my lips."Why the heck are you growling at me?" he chuckled and patted my back.Because you're making it hard fo
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The one night stand that leads to Rejection
~Cody ~ The party ended after the kiss with Rain, and everyone started leaving, including Cara. I had thought she would still be crying from rejection by Jackson, but instead, she returned to her room after saying goodbye. Now, left alone with Rain, it was hell. We were both drunk, but he was much worse than I was. He started singing while I pulled him from the ground to lead him into my room. "if all the raindrops…." he hiccuped and pointed towards me. "Sing along with me!" he shouted at me. I rolled my eyes at his foolishness, heaved a deep sigh, and started dragging him towards my room. "no," he shouted and fell to the ground. "I don't want to go home. I want to stay with you," he suddenly grabbed my legs and pulled me down. I landed on the ground, and then he lay atop me. What was this temptation? I thought as his face leaned towards mine. The memory of the kiss returned to my head, and Rain was making it worse. "what are you doing, Rain?" I tried to push him away, but he
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The new roommate
~Cody~Two years later,I slammed my hands against the counter, facing the woman who stood before me, enforcing the rules of the dormitory. I had just arrived at the royal college, expecting to be treated like the crown prince that I was. Instead, I was greeted with disrespect, courtesy of my parents, who had set the rules when the Royal College was founded."The Alpha King and Luna Queen set the rule that two students should be per dormitory, Your Highness. I am not doing anything wrong," the woman replied.Frustrated, I repeatedly slammed my hands on the counter and glanced at her name tag on her left chest before taking a deep breath. "You have no idea where I am coming from. I have just returned from two years of prince training, and my parents hastily sent me here to continue my never-ending education. And now, I am expected to share a room with someone, Lara!" I shouted her name and sighed deeply.I couldn't believe it when my parents told me I had to complete college immediatel
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The rules
~Rain~"I don’t want to share a room with him," his words resounded as he repeated it to the dormitory lady. His words sent a dagger to my chest; I had never expected him to say something like that.I knew I had been wrong for walking out on him after what happened the night after his birthday two years ago, but I couldn't stop thinking that I had broken Amara’s trust. I had always felt something for Cody, but I had no idea if it was my brain speaking or just me speculating things in my head. After that night, I realized that I felt something for Cody, which ruined my relationship with Amara, and we ended up breaking up.When I turned eighteen, my lycan never came. I couldn't be like everyone else because I was wolfless. When I asked my parents about it, they told me it resulted from tampering with the balance of the underworld, and the following day after my birthday, I suddenly had a massive transformation. My hair changed color, and my eyes turned into two different colors. I had n
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The new side of Cody
~Cody~I awoke to Rain's chest's gentle rise and fall, my head resting on him. Blinking my eyes open to the soft morning light filtering into the room, I stifled a light yawn, careful not to disturb Rain's peaceful slumber. My gaze naturally drifted upward to Rain's face, and a smile played on my lips as my fingertips traced the contours of his features — starting at his perfect eyebrow and trailing down to the bridge of his nose. As my hand reached the tip of his nose, a gentle grip enveloped my fingers, and Rain fluttered his beautiful eyes open."Our mate is so beautiful," Ezra exclaimed in my mind. .."Good morning, Your Highness," Rain's voice, more profound than usual, greeted me like a soothing melody. His perfect, long lashes, followed by a warm smile, blinked at me.My heart, and indeed my entire body, trembled as our eyes locked. Why did he have to smile? I pondered, the connection between us unbroken."Your..." I started to say, but my eyes widened as the previous night's e
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The Jealous mate
Cody POVI stood at the door's entrance, waiting for him to finish picking up our books. The bathroom incident lingered, and I couldn't shake the memory. It had happened suddenly, catching me by surprise as we both stumbled, lips meeting. The mental replay of it left me wanting more. "Now you're thinking about it again when you promised to stop," Ezra reminded me.I sighed, recalling that I'd made that promise ten minutes ago, yet the memory still consumed my mind. This mate bond was becoming aggravating, making me feel like a relentless, uncontrollable desire to be with Rain, which was frustrating."Your Highness," Rain announced his presence as he stood before me, waving his hand.Frowning, I wondered what he was doing and walked away toward the elevator. Once inside, the enclosed space heightened my inner turmoil. One voice urged me to kiss Rain, while another told me to reject him. I groaned audibly, unable to bear it any longer. I leaned against the elevator frame, took a deep b
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The Fall
~Rain~It was happening again. Throughout the history class, I could feel his intense glares directed at me, even though I avoided eye contact. If looks could kill, Cody would have already taken my life.Amara shared details about her upcoming birthday party, and we reminisced about our history while she laughed it off. When I turned around, his once bright blue eyes, now darker, were fixed on me. I visibly gulped, forcing myself to focus on the professor and ignore the erratic beating of my heart.The overwhelming feeling persisted—one moment, he ignited my emotions and the next, he made me regret encountering him after two long years. Throughout the class, I nervously rubbed my sweaty hands together, concealing them from Amara, who was still immersed in her birthday party discussion.As the class concluded and Cody exited the room, I hastily rose and caught up with him. Finding him alone, as Caden had abandoned him to flirt with others, I attempted to speak as I approached him. Howe
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That Feeling
~Cody~Describing the intensity of my anger as a mere understatement would be an injustice. I yearned to unleash a primal scream and let my lycan form run wild. I had never felt such overwhelming fury before, and it wasn't just me; my inner lycan seethed with anger over the unfolding events. If he had the opportunity, he would have seized control of my body and claimed Rain as his own."Rain, you foolish mate," I muttered as I strode into the cafeteria. The room, previously abuzz with conversation, fell eerily silent upon my entrance. Hushed whispers and sidelong glances filled the void like a harbinger of doom had just crossed the threshold. "They must fear us," Ezra observed.I, however, doubted that fear was the sole reason. After all, I was the crown prince; there was no logical cause for them to be afraid."Your Highness," a server bowed from behind their counter. "Welcome. Please let us know your preferences, and we will promptly fulfill them." Maybe Ezra was right, for as soon
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I know your Secret
~CODY~"How were you able to..." I was lost for words, having no idea how quickly she discovered it. "How did you find out about this?" I questioned again, hoping to understand how she had uncovered the truth.Amara smiled at me. "I know about mates, your highness, and even before that, I had already seen the way you looked at Rain. You are in love with him, which is okay on your side, but have you ever thought Rain likes you?"I stared at her, lost for words and unable to say anything. This was not how I had wanted anyone to find out, especially not her. I tried to tell Rain myself, but the fact that he had not recognized me as his mate yet made me wonder what could be going on. I never thought Amara would see through me to the extent of realizing that Rain was my mate."How did you find out about this?" I questioned again, hoping to discover how she discovered it."Because I came back to the party that night, and then I saw you two kissing," she said and chuckled. "It was there that
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