Chapter Three 3. Hunter

Hunter was furious with Luna, but it was really nothing new. It didn’t matter that it might be the 20th century, some people would always treat it like they were still tribal. The shear intimacy that came with Clans, Packs or Prides made things worse of course. 

Celeste and Luna’s mother didn’t live with the clan for a reason. Her and Celeste’s father owned their shearing ranch and were happy away from the politics. But when Celeste’s Nona had left, the Matriarch was always a direct descendant. Either Celeste or Luna had to take her place. Celeste had won every challenge thrown her way. The Clan was her everything.

It hadn’t stopped those who didn’t like Celeste’s changes though. To mate with someone out side of the clan had been a sticking point, as if she had chosen her fated partner to spite them.

North Industries was another, though they were hard pressed to argue that. In fact, Hunter taking the Clan’s name and then building the company based around them had endeared him to all but the most staunch adversaries.

To find out of his sister in laws new threat had enraged him. When they finally stepped into their apartment at the end of the day there were no words as she shoved him against the door. She had griped his shirt, practically tearing it as they met in a heated, angry mess.

“If she wasn’t my sister,” Celeste growled against him, “I would have torn her in two.”

“I know,” he hissed as her nails dug in through the shirt.

“We can’t tell anyone about Sally yet.”

“I know,” another mauling kiss as she pressed him further into the door. Her anger pulsed hot through the mate bond, followed quickly by passion as he gripped her hips, pulling her against him.

“I’m going to take you to the bedroom,” her growls continued as her lips found the pulse in his neck, “and I’m going to fuck the living crap out of both of us.”

She ripped his shirt down the middle, making him moan. “Oh yes please, Love.”


Sally was beyond prompt the next morning. At quarter to 8 when he had come out of the office on hunt for a coffee, he found her and Kyra’s heads bent together over something on the computer screen. The fact she was so keen delighted him.

Your mate is looking rather fetching today.

He could feel Celeste’s purr through the bond, making him smirk. She was so easy to work up.

They had decided that morning Celeste would have a lie in, giving Hunter a little more time to bond with the girl. At least before steamrolled in.  Having a human mate was going to be hard work, neither of them had had to let a human know about their world before. Taking things slow was not really in Celeste’s vocabulary, it was all going to be very interesting.

“Good morning Ladies,” he said as he came closer.

“Mornin’ Boss,” Kyra twittered, shooting him an easy grin.

“Mr North,” Sally stood suddenly, though her eyes remained mostly on the floor. Her hands squeezed together, all nerves. “Thank you again for the job, Sir.”

Hunter groaned, a cheeky smile crossing his face. “Mr North is Celeste’s father, please don’t make me older then I am.” Those beautiful eyes goggled at him. “I would prefer Hunter, but will settle for ‘Boss’ if you have Kyra’s inclinations.” 

Walking passed the women he headed towards the kitchen on this floor before looking back at Sally, catching her eye. “Though I wouldn’t be opposed to ’Sir’.”

Hunter chuckled at the look on her face and went in search of coffee.


If he wasn’t the boss, Hunter knew someone would have wondered about his productivity levels today.  As it was Kyra had started eyeing him strangely when he had come out of the office the third time on an unnecessary errand. He couldn’t help it though; Sally was remarkably bewitching.

Her suit was navy today, with long pants rather then a skirt. He could see a white blouse beneath the jacket and her red curls were braided loosely and fell to the top of her hips. She had this blush that seemed to be permanently on her cheeks whenever they spoke.

She asked questions, which Hunter loved, rather then trying to understand on her own. He could see she struggled with some of the newer concepts, but he could also see her valiantly trying to take everything in.

Celeste had asked some time ago that he stop feeding her updates.  Soon she would be able to learn everything Sally wanted to share, for now she was content to be delighted by the things she would learn on her own.

On his sixth trip out of the office Kyra was gone, leaving Sally at the desk alone. 

“How goes your first day, Sally?” She smiled up at him and his fingers itched to push a free strand of her hair back behind her ear.

“It goes well, Sir.” She chirped.  He hadn’t been able to convince her to call him Hunter yet, but still, the ’Sir’ did things to him he didn’t want to admit. “There’s a lot to learn, but I’m sure I’ll have it under control before Kyra leaves.”

“Just remember you don’t have to do this alone,” Hunter nodded. “Please remember to ask Celeste or myself if you need clarification on anything.”

There was a pregnant pause before Sally spoke softly. “And will Mrs North be in today?”

Hunter breathed deep, the spice that was Sally’s arousal filling him. Whether she felt it or not, just the mention of her mate brought her to the edge. The smell alone was enough to make him pulse with need.  They might not be mates, but the echo of the bond between her and Celeste affected him more then he expected.

Leaning his hip against her desk he looked down at her while she fidgeted, trying not to show how much she wanted to hear the answer.

“Unfortunately no,” the soft sigh of disappointment was almost his undoing. “Tyler has her stuck in HR today. But perhaps I can help?”

Sally looked up at him quizzically.

“I could take you out on a date.”

As soon as he said it, Hunter realised it had been the wrong thing to propose. Sally was out of her seat like lightening had struck her and was as far away from him as the space would allow. Hunter was startled at the reaction, and at the anger simmering in her eyes.

“Just what are you suggesting Mr North?” She asked frostily. “You have a wife. It is not appropriate for you to ask your PA out.”

He stared at her. She was right of course. She couldn’t know that Celeste wanted them to go out. And she was absolutely furious that he was treating his wife like that. 

Goddess Celeste, she is glorious. She’s defending you against your cheating husband.

I bet she is, she chuckled. Remember, we’re taking this slow.

You need to talk to her. I might not be able to control this much longer.

You WILL control yourself, Hunter.

Hunter nodded, both to Celeste’s order and Sally’s reaction. He stood straight, heading back to his office as she glared daggers at his back.

“You should know Sally, Celeste would be delighted if you went on a date with me.”

“That, Mr North, is just what a cheater would tell the ‘home wrecker’,” she turned from him, sitting back in her seat, ignoring him as he shook his head and entered his office. 

This had just gotten a whole lot more intriguing.


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Hazel Lowell
When hunter says “love” I drool sorry not sorry
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Jane Knight
An HR nightmare lol, you did really well on your fade to black. I've noticed a lot of authors are afraid to do a fade to black moment. I'm loving Hunter and Sally moments ;)

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