Chapter 128

Healing Adam's wound took longer than expected. News of war in Dzhimara reach to them and from the amount of death enquired, Abram was devastated. Though wolves was able to defeat them at first, the amount of vampires and dark creatures from the forest like Gollum, Orcs and demons that had joined the war to gain control of Dzhimara including humans life alike made it hard for them to defend their fortress. 

After Adam was healed, he sat up still cringing with the sensation of the pain pounding intensely with every movement. The forest warlock sat beside him, breathing hard after putting so much magic and power to heal the wolf king.

"I have to save her. I need to go." Adam gritted. He was bare from waist up after his shirt was soaked with his blood. Abram tried to push him to stay but even in his weak state Adam was stronger than his son. 

"You are weak, father. You don't even know where they are. You have to take care of yourself."

"He is right. My

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