Chapter 9 Not a sweet dream

Foliage fell again.

While in this big tree, I have seen who made a great vibration and almost made me fall from this tree. He is none other than a man who hit a tree with all his strength, along with three male friends. He did it again, and I could not survive well. I was released from my grip, and I fell from the tree along with falling leaves.

"Aaaaa ...... !!!" I shouted with fear that almost made me die.

I thought falling from that tree would make me die, but it didn't. I fell and hit someone below.

"Brukkkk!" the sound of myself falling on a man below him. Falling upon the man with his position above his body, because falling from a tall tree I was immediately unconscious. I fainted not only because my body hit this man's body, but also because my heart was weakening. I don't know what happened after that, everything has gone pitch black.

Prince Kim hit the big tree twice now receiving his karma, as a result he was dropped by a girl. All the brothers were shocked, they immediately helped the first brother.

Getting rid of the girl in the body of the first brother, the second brother put out his hand and said "Are you OK?"

The first brother took the second brother's hand and answered, "Yes, I'm fine. But this hurts! " he complained. The first brother stood up, and they saw a girl who had been lying down.

"Is she dead?" asked the first brother.

"I don't know, let's check!" answered the last brother. Then the last brother approached the girl, and put her finger near the nose of the girl. He began to feel a breath. "He is still alive!"

"Huh, really?" said all the brothers were shocked.

"That's right, brother! He is still alive, he just fainted! ” said Prince Kazexian while pulling the girl under the tree. He laid the girl's body under a pound assisted by the first brother. Because of the sudden arrival of the girl, the four of them stopped their martial arts training and chose a short break under the tree while talking about the girl who suddenly arrived.

"Kazexian, is she okay?" asked the first brother.

"According to the first brother, I could not answer that question. I just know she fine. I wouldn't do anything strange to him, so I don't know his condition now. Now the question is where did this girl come from? "

"Ah, yeah right. She fell along with the leaves. Is she an angel? "

"I don't know, but she doesn't look like an angel"

"The clothes are a little weird, ah yeah! This is his bag, right? " said the third brother while showing the girl's bag.

"Yes, can we see the contents?"

"Hey, this is not ours. If she knows, she will definitely be angry "

"Ah, right. We should just wait for the she to wake up. "

"That's a good idea, but it's a waste of our time!"

Slowly I opened my eyes, my body felt a little sick and I heard many men's conversations. I tried to calm down, and remember what I was doing here. I also remember if I had just fallen from a tall tree because of the actions of a shitty man.

"Huh, geez! It hurts so much, ”I say quietly while moving my hands.

Unexpectedly, four men immediately approached me. I was intercepted by the good looks of the four men.

"Aaa ... is this a dream? Are they my husband in the afterlife? " I said inwardly.

Until a man said to me who spontaneously put his hand on my forehead while saying, "Miss, are you hurt?"

Myself who was close by four handsome men could not help themselves, my face turned red and in an instant I collapsed again.

The four men were shocked, they did not think this girl fainted again.

The first brother began to get emotional, "Hey, wake up? Brother, what are you doing? She fainted again! "

The last brother fell silent, he immediately pushed his hand away from the girl. Then replied "Sorry, I think she was a little surprised to faint again. Yes, we should give him water. Do we bring water? "

"Yes, if it's about that I bring!" answered the second brother while giving the bottled water to the last brother.

The last brother took the drink from the hands of the second brother, then the second brother took a little water and spilled it into his hand then splashed water on the girl's face.

I felt something cool and cold wet my face. I immediately opened my eyes and saw a man who was staring at me while his hands continued to splash water on my face. He smiled sweetly at me, and stopped his actions.

"Hi, don't faint anymore!" he said in a loud enough voice.

I smiled for a moment, then put on a flat-faced face.

The man said again, "Huh, is there a problem with your brain? Why are you smiling? "

"Is it a dream?"

Instantly, the man was shocked. The man smiled and realized something was wrong in the girl's head.

"Hahaha ... what do you mean? Are you still awake? This is not a dream. Does your head hurt to say it's a dream? Where did you just fall from? Have a drink first! " he said while giving the girl a drink.

While the three brothers just kept quiet. I saw three other men sitting in silence.

I immediately drank water this man gave. Fresh and cool, and I get my energy again. That's what I feel after drinking this water. I felt relieved and regained my consciousness. After feeling enough to drink, I immediately return this drink to the man.

"Here, thank you for the drink!" I said while giving him drinks.

The man took the drink bottle from my hand, he sat near me and said "Are you OK?"

"Yes, I am doing okay. I just feel a little dizzy after falling from a tree! ”

"Oh, so you fell from a tree huh?"

"Yes, that is so!"

The three men who had remained silent, spontaneously approached. They looked at me like there was a purpose.

"Hey, so you fell from a tree?" said a man in his loud voice.

Hearing a loud voice, making my heart and feelings a little whistle. This man is like a man who likes to talk rudely to a woman. I did not take heart for his words, I glanced a little behind them. See my bag is there.

"Hey, are you listening? Are you a rope? " he said again.

The man who gave me a drink tried to calm him down, "First brother, calm down. She's a woman, you know, women don't like being abused! "

The first brother fell silent, but he continued to stare at the girl nonstop. He was very upset with her because she fell on him.

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