The Hybrid Princess

The Hybrid Princess

By:  Nelly  Ongoing
Language: English
15 ratings
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ANNALISE was living a life as a normal human that was, until the moon goddess came to her on her 13th birthday, with an important mission that only the hybrid princess can win. With the help of the trusted few, can they save both the supernatural and human world. After finding out what happened to her parents she made herself another mission to avenge her parents.Will she be able to do both?

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Hannah Gonzalez
its been a year and the book is not done
2022-10-26 06:30:57
user avatar
Lynsey Jones
how often is the book updated please just noticed its only a few chapters in a year later don't want to start a book if it's been abandoned
2022-10-13 21:08:12
user avatar
CR Robin Salisbury
so fare so good
2021-12-09 04:59:29
default avatar
Andy Boodram
Really good book
2021-10-17 08:41:22
user avatar
Chenoa Frith
love the book very Interesting
2021-07-17 10:53:14
user avatar
Kinshaska Evans
The book are great I need a sequel
2021-05-04 09:59:46
user avatar
Beatrice Trevino
awesome and interesting! Very intriguing. I didn't want to put the book down. Even at work, I read it any chance I could get.
2021-04-23 08:53:59
user avatar
Meta Sukma Puspita
i hope i can see the moon goddes for real 😁
2021-04-21 22:55:31
default avatar
Teresa Hawkins
Exciting and awesome ending,
2021-03-29 07:25:15
user avatar
very nice I really appreciate your hard work
2021-03-13 05:13:02
user avatar
Neil Prior
the more you read this book the more you get sucked in and can not stop reading
2021-03-08 02:51:40
user avatar
Natasha Hammer
very good nice read
2021-02-22 11:09:07
user avatar
Brianne Johnson
other than some wording typos, it's a great book
2021-03-23 09:14:45
user avatar
Colleen Fraser
good book but it says it's finished at 58.93 %?... is there more?
2021-12-08 08:54:14
user avatar
Shawna Knight
To many spelling and grammar mistakes. It wasn't worth the amount of money to read
2021-11-13 13:31:28
36 Chapters
ANNALISE POV "AGAIN", I motioned with hands as I take my place, ready for another round of sparing. "Come on Annalise, I'm a wolf and I'm tired, we need to take a break, we have been training whole night". Nova complained again. "Fine Nova, when the war comes tell your enemy you're tired and see if they care," I snapped, as I throw my hands in air, then moved to the log next to us to take a seat. Nova is my wolf, she's my best friend, my other half and the only one I can trust. Our lives have been a whirlwind of events since being paired with each other. Let me tell you what exactly is going on. On my thirteenth birthday, I was visited by the moon goddess in a dream, at first I didn't know who she was. We were both sitting on a log from a broken pine tree in a beautiful forest. The forest it self was something from a fairy tale, the smell of pine was strong as the green pines tress covered us from the sun, I could hear the animals running around, a faint roar of a
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Annalise POV The next morning I woke up feeling tired, after checking the time I realize that I'm running late for school, I quickly took a shower and got ready dressing in a simple blue jeans and my red iron man t-shirt and black flats. Yes, I love marvel movies, its just something about people being about to go something good to change the world and actually do it, without being asked to. I hate makeup so that's a no go for me, after getting ready I took a hard look at myself I was 5'6, long black hair, blue eyes which really look like Nova's, and slim built, I was packing my bag for school thinking about the dream I had, was it really a dream or was it true, because Nova's eyes and my eyes were the same color and with that question reality hit me."It is true, hi Anna if you are finished doing what you're doing can we go get food I'm hungry" WHAT THE HELL, I stumbled looking around. Where did that voice come from?"NOVA!" I asked out loud not realizing I maybe looking cr
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Annalise POV As I began to sleep away I was immediately transported to the forest where I would normally meet with the moon goddess."You're here early," she said looking at me with a smile on her face."We need to talk, about what has been happening throughout the year and most importantly Kelly's sudden appearance in my life". I said in a somewhat demanding tone, she sighs and stands telling me to follow her. We walked for about fifteen minutes in total silence, I began panicking thinking I'm about to find out some more crazy news about my family, or maybe something really bad about Kelly. As we reached the clearing we came across a lake. It had small stones right around it, it had the cleanest water I have ever seen, and a lush green tree lining around it. On the shore of the lake, there were wolves just laying there taking in the scenery, I looked at the sight around me in awe, having gathered myself I turned to the moon goddess and studied her face, something was off but I cou
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Annalise POV After the incident at the gym John, Kelly, Kylen and I talked. I told them everything from knowing the truth about my parents, and about the impromptu mission to save the moon goddess granddaughter. They were all too happy to join in, although I knew they didn't think I could handle it on my own. Kylen helped in the vampire division, John who now is behaving like an overprotective uncle, handles the wolf training. The day before my birthday came too fast, and we were packing to leave. John had slipped some sedatives with a little wolf's bane in my parents coffee, after their 'training update' so they were out for the rest of the day and all night. After doing some background checks on some packs, we found out that the Rouge Alpha was attacking and took over a lot of packs with his and I quote 'NEW POWER'. So, we immediately left and we ran in wolf form for two hours until we reached the hideout where they were keeping her. The alpha didn't want her staying in any
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I was awoken by my mom banging on the bedroom door. I pulled my blankets and groaned as I got up and opened the door."Yes, mom". I answered. Not bothering one bit about my annoyed tone. Like seriously I'm sleepy."Happy 18th birthday Anna, your dad and I made you breakfast, can you come down soon," mom said slightly taken aback by my sudden attitude, and then she sniffed the air around me and entered my room if I wasn't a werewolf I would've freaked out. "Sure mom I will b----", I was cut off by a fuming mom, now I know she isn't my real mom but when she's mad she is scary."Annalise Elizabeth Shaw, where you drinking and did you have a boy in here". She screamed at me and on cue, my dad came running up the stairs and then it all clicked."Shit," I murmured remembering last night with James, the drinking, the talking and then the ring I looked at my finger and I still had the ring on. "What's going on here?". Dad came into the room. Shit, shit, shit, think of something Anna, I keep s
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ANNALISE POV "MATE, MATE, MATE", Nova kept on singing in my head. Letting out a sigh I walked towards the guys. The guy that stood in the middle started to walk towards me. He's a good looking guy. He's tall with dark brown hair and brown eyes. When he reached in front of me he stood just looking at me. He didn't feel like a threat, more like he was trying to figure me out, after a moment of uncomfortable silence, I cleared my throat and introduced myself. "Hi, my name is Annalise but you can call me Anna, and from the looks of it I guess you are here with my grandfather", I said hoping I don't make a fool of myself. The brown-hair guy in front of me chuckled and shook his head. His warm brown eyes had that twinkle in it that made me feel like I trust him, you know the ones that make you feel safe. "I see your reunion happened rather fast. My name is Colin, I'm your only cousin or as your parents had hoped your big brother, since they practically raised me", He said smiling, the ex
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A phone ringing in the car broke the silence between the two men. The alpha and beta were returning from a meeting with the vampire king Damien."Aren't you going to answer that", asked the beta "NO", He said sternly "It's probably something business-related for them to call on the phone, and I don't want to get sidetracked, we need to make that woman talk, she had been locked up for so long, and yet, not a word on who is the hybrid", The Alpha said, anger laced in his voice.The beta knew better than to question the Alpha, but the constant ring of the phone started to piss him off so he grabbed the phone and answered it before the Alpha could react. "WHAT", he answered, putting the phone on speaker."I'm sorry for disturbing you boss but there is a human here, by the bunker, covered in blood claiming she was attacked by vampires," said one of the guards. The Alpha knew something was up because he had just signed the Peace Treaty. Wanting to see where this was going, he mind linked
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ANNALISE POV"Anna I think he's our second chance mate".He walked toward me and I picked up his Alpha aura and his scent, he smelt like the forest the moon goddess took me to, and like rain, it had me weak at the knees. I gently stood up and looked at the guy, like really look at him. From the bags under his eyes to his posture, he looked like he was tired and had been fighting his way here. I had all sorts of feelings and thoughts running through my head, but most important was how he got through border patrol. I stood up straight and looked the guy in his eyes his beautiful brown eyes, oh my, and started to question him."Who are you and why are you on our land", I said looking at him but he just tilted his head to the side, I couldn't read his expression, it was like he was expecting me to be scared but I, on the other hand, couldn't keep my eyes off of him, the way his black T-shirt hugs his muscular arms and his jeans fitted perfectly, I couldn't help but look at his from head t
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Anna woke up in Caleb's arms, she couldn't help how she felt so comfortable and cozy around him, the feeling of being safe in someone's arms is indescribable, but still, her body was screaming at her that something was wrong. She gently moved his arm from around her waist and headed for the bathroom, after doing her morning routine and taking a shower she returned to find Caleb sitting on the bed waiting on her. "Good morning, did you sleep well?", Anna asked as she headed to the closet to get her clothes. She picked out blue jeans and a black V-neck t-shirt with Captain America print in front, noticing he didn't reply she stuck her head out to see if he is ok."Caleb I'm talking to you", "How do you expect me to reply at anything when you walk out the bathroom looking so divine and wrapped in the world's shortest towel", he said "Oooooh I'm sorry, I didn't think it would be a problem", Anna laughs at him, she was happy to see the effect he had on her was the same as she had on him,
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    ROGUE BETA POVIts been two weeks since she entered that pack and we still haven't reached there yet, this stupid alpha is letting the older people slow us down, I understand saving the kids and their parents, but why slow us down even more with the old people.I have been waiting so long to see her, after the incident with
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