145 | the honeymoon waters.


Waking up everyday next to Shayla was like waking up to a dream. But you know what was like a nightmare? Sitting in a seaplane, which was about to take off and fly over miles and miles of never ending waters.

"Okay, this is very very scary," I said as I fumbled with the family seat belt, trying to tie it around me properly. Shayla and I were finally on our honeymoon — to the Philippines — and we couldn't wait to catch this break after the enormity of the reception. But thankfully even though there were like over three hundred people invited to the reception, all of us had made it out alive.

"Do not worry so much, Cam," Shayla said, leaning towards me and placing a hand on my knee. "You've been on a plane hundreds of times."

"It's never not scary," I chided. Shay and I were sat next to each other in the compact four-seater El Carpal seaplane — because our room was a luxurious one at the El Carpal Pengalusian Island. Shay informed me that her company had brought this co
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