Maria (A Mafia Romance)
Maria (A Mafia Romance)
Author: MissAshleighDre

I groaned, leaning back in my chair with a relaxing sigh, my eyes strained to shut on their own will as I looked up at the silver chandelier and plane white ceiling.

A shiver climbed its way up my parted thighs, my black stiletto heels slipping against the surface of my desk they had rested upon. I dug my heels in deeper in an attempt at keeping my quivering legs at bay. 

With refusal to close my eyes my gaze fell to the heavy rise and fall of my chest beneath the low-cut black blouse I had decided to wear today. It matched the black mini skirt that was slowly rising above my thighs.

I hissed, my breath becoming caught as I felt an unfamiliar tingle down below.

A breathless moan escaping my lips without my permission.

I help my lips shut tight to stay quiet, I was only loud enough for us in the room to be able to hear. 

Shaken sobs of a feminine cry filled my ears, making me feel more uncomfortable than ever. 

It was highly distracting and ate at my heart.

I raised my gun, flexing my fingers as I gripped it tightly in my right hand and directed my aim towards the woman that was sitting in the chair opposite from my desk. 

She was a mess with puffy red eyes and tears streaming down her cheeks, her hand held firmly against her blood-stained blonde hair. I watched her carefully, taking a moment to really get a good look of the woman with a nerve and big mouth, watching as the blood dripped down her arm, ever so slowly edging towards the tip of her elbow. 

She shrunk back in the seat she was sat in, cowering as if it would protect her from my bullets if I were to ever pull the trigger. She was pathetic and what’s even worse is that she had been the one to claim that I was pathetic.

I wasn't going to pull the trigger no matter how good it would feel to do so.

The thought was easy, but I haven't got it in me, and to be honest just holding this thing sent my nerves over the edge, but she didn't need to know that. Nobody needed to know that.

"Please" she begged me through her hiccupped quivers.

"P-p-please he's my boyfriend" She turned to a stuttering mess as she referred to James, the guy who was currently knelt on the floor in between my legs with his head beneath my skirt. 

Before you go and judge me, just know that I am not this type of woman. This was not a normal or regular occurrence for me. If anything like this was ever to pop up in my future again, I would most definitely handle the situation better than I am in this moment right now.

I kept the gun in a firm grip, not removing my aim from her as She began to almost levitate with fear.

"Mm" I forced a moan to pass my lips, effectively making her sobs ten times louder. 

I was mostly faking, but again my guests don't need to know that. 

"Isn't this what you wanted?" I questioned with a raised brow, my green eyes coming in direct contact with her scrutinisingly ocean blue ones. 

She slowly shook her head left to right, motioning her wordless answer in response. 

"I mean, this is what you told everyone in this goddamn estate that I was doing right?" I spat at her, My expression nothing but blank. 

Before she stood a chance of replying to me, the door to my office flew open and in walked Lucien with a smile upon his lips.

I froze, complete shock as my eyes grew wide.


Why had I not locked the door?

Shit! Fuck!

Stupid…Stupid María, I scolded myself.

How could I fuck up so bad, by missing such a obvious yet crucial step of whatever the fuck you want to call this utterly fucking dumb shit that I was doing in here. 

My heart was trying to leap from my chest as panic washed over me greatly.

Why was he here? This was not supposed to go down like this. He isn't supposed to be here, to see this. 

I Quickly covered the shock horror I had felt, pretending as if I had no care in the world that Lucien of all people had entered the room at a time like this.

The reality of it was far from not caring. It shook me, and I just know it is going to torment me for the rest of my life.  

He stopped in his tracks with a slight raise to his brows as he took in the scene of a bloodied and broken-down woman.

I knew he was yet to see the real trigger, but I couldn’t move.

Diverting his eyes back to me with confusion upon his beautiful face, his eyes dropped down, taking in the rest of the scene that he had originally missed. 

His face scrunched up at the realisation of what was going on Inside of this small room. Asif not believing his own eyes he took a second glance between me and then James.

And then it hit him, He clenched his Jaw tightly at the scene and realisation that had been laid out in front of him.

His body now visibly shaking with anger, He was anything but happy to say the least.

Meanwhile my guest was still clueless to Lucien's presence with his head still tucked neatly between my legs.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE" Lucien blew up with full rage.

James shot his head up at the voice of the man who pays his wage. His eyes so wide I could see the horror.

I know what he felt, I could feel it too. I almost shrunk back like a coward myself.

The only thing that was stopping me was that I was outraged. I was pissed that Lucien had waltzed his way into my office without so much as a knock.

I was so angry that he had disturbed my revenge on the woman that sat across from me. 

I was enraged with her.

His entrance at this specific time was making me look weak. 

How can I show people I'm to be feared if Lucien undermines me, if anyone undermines me for that matter? 

I refuse to allow the sacrifice I had just made go to waste.

This will have all been for nothing, And I could not live with myself if I had allowed a man to touch me in such a way and have it been for nothing. No pleasure, no strength, no fear and no revenge. 

I pushed the barrel of my gun against James's head, his eyes flicking to mine with the fear more than clear in his deep brown orbs.

James wasn't afraid of me. He knew me too well. His fear was of Lucien. 

To my utter fucking surprise even with Lucien's presence, James lowered his head knowing exactly what I was asking for without me even having to say the words.

He did it for me. to save me the embarrassment. He literally sacrificed his job for me. 

At this point Lucien was livid. I don't even know when he had closed the distance between us but by the time, I raised my head to look up he was standing beside me smoothly reaching behind his back as he pulled his pistol from his waistband with no hesitation. 

He placed the barrel of his gun beside my own directly against James's temple.

"GET THE FUCK OUT BEFORE I BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT" He spat between his teeth. 

My eyes went wide at his threatening demands, I was making no attempt at hiding my own fear any longer. The anger rolling from him was excruciatingly clear with his clenching fists and ticking jaw. 

To say I was afraid was an understatement. I have never seen that look upon his face before, don’t get me wrong I have seen him angry before, yes!

But see him pull a gun on someone before? No never. The look on his face right now I couldn’t read it. It was A look I could only imagine the devil to wear. 

Thinking about it the closest I have ever seen him as angry as this, was that night I spent stargazing with my ex-bodyguard Nicolas and I swear that night was the most mortifying thing I had ever experienced.

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