11. Can I Ask Him Out?

In the midnight, when the clock ticks 3, Blair tossed for the hundredth time.

She was not able to sleep. Thinking about what Sierra said... she had every luxury of life... just not love.

Is love worth it? 

True love... they say the people who don't get the chance of having true love are the most despicable ones.

Guess she is the vile knave of all. But she has money and it can buy all the happiness in the world.

Why the hell does she need another person to love her when she loves herself?

And she loves her money, her career, her life. What is money worth if it ain't love?

There was something she can't stop thinking about.. what Sierra said.

Pulling herself from the unnecessary thoughts, she got up from the bed and walked out of the room.

The first five floors in the buildings were for bunnies and pets.

They along with Blair lived there. She went on the practice hall where few bunnies and pets were playing with

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