Loving you Again

Loving you Again

By:  Nhia Norrada  Updated just now
Language: English
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Esther finally agrees to hang out with her friends after several "No" and "Next time" she decided to join at the bar and ends up getting laid with a woman named Amber, one-night stand leads to a relationship where pressure and conflicts arise and ruined everything as a couple but starts a good friendship which they will learn to see what they missed as Amber realized her feelings for Esther that is about to marry soon... Will she be able to admit it to her best friend/Ex-girlfriend Esther who begins to fall for her as well but keep her feelings hidden for the sake of friendship? A roller coaster ride of breakups, friendship and love the second time around that will satisfy your special kind of love story!

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30 Chapters
The Dare
"Scalpel," I said, and the scrub nurse handed it over.I cut whatever I need to cut. This is my usual day, cutting and suturing, seeing blood and human flesh.My colleagues call me Esth, short for Esther. In my 29 years of existence, I didn't expect that I would end up being a doctor, specifically a surgeon. At first I was terrified of doing all this stuff, it wasn't really my choice but my mother is a die-hard doctor who wanted to be, it's her long-lost dream!The whole day ends with an ill body and blood in my hand. Then after cutting and suturing, I can finally rest and go home.I don't have a boyfriend, as if! Having a tight job, do I have time to get one? Jeez! Even getting laid isn't part of my life, so to my vagina, RIP!Even if I want to mingle with anyone or someone, nah! I cut that thought since it just always ends up worse!There are a lot of times that I try to date anyone, everyone! But then when my profession calls... what can I do? Can I say to the sick person to wait?
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AMBER POV"Two VIPs are coming, so prepare for it!"Our manager shouts, I rarely listen to her. That makes her mad so much. I don't like the VIP menu they proposed. Most of the time it didn't pass the satisfaction of the customer."Do you listen to what I say?" Sam annoyingly said.I just ignore her and continue what I am doing, but she holds my arms that makes me look at it. I throw a death glare at her and she suddenly drops her hand off me."Look, Sam, I am head chef here. I know exactly what to cook for the VIP. You see this whole kitchen? This is mine unless you want me to drop this job and pass it on to you? What would you prefer?" I seriously said and I can see how she stopped by that."Fine! Just make sure the VIPs will like it!" she said, then walked out of the kitchen.Suddenly my helpers and cook clap their hands and then tap me on my shoulder."You win the conversation again!" Demi said my youngest cook.I just smile at her, and everyone does their routine.This is my ever
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The break up
ESTHER POV"You are gorgeous, more than any girls I have been with. Your kiss shook me within. You don't need a man to feel that you are not alone. I am a woman, but I am with you."I know I am a little tipsy now but I still understand what she is talking about, I can even still remember her friends asking me a lot of things though they look nice, and her pad, I didn't know she owned this huge place to live in but she is alone and that is what I supposed to know!Listening to what she just said makes me stare at her. I mean, she is really sweet. For a long time I have been single, and hearing this from someone will surely drop my panty off!I try to stop myself from what I am thinking aside from touching her face. I ended up staring at her lips and later did I know we were now kissing...I must be very drunk now, my mind is now bursting out! What the fuck am I doing!??? Am I really this single to kiss a same-sex!?My mind is trying to refuse but my body seems like enjoying what we are
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Amber's point
AMBER POV"Hey hon, we just landed, I will be going straight to Grandma, call you later" I said talking to my Girlfriend Cassy, we have been together for three months now, Eight months ago I decided to stay in California with my parents where I met Cassy but I miss my work specialy when Sam called me to get my job back.it is almost 7pm now and I am supressed by the traffic when I needed to pee, as I rented a car driving my way passing through Felix bar so I take the chance to stop over to atleast relieve my bladder.This bar never change, it is still the same, loud music and lots of people hanging out, I head my way to the washroom when someone suddenly open the door of my cubicle and sit on my lap, I am not sure what she is up to but her smell, it is a familiar scent.Curiousity fills me in, I look at her while sitting on my lap and confirmed that my thoughts is right.It is her, my Ex-girlfriend Esther, looking at her tipsy face suddenly makes me remember everything again...4
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The new girl
ESTHER POVSeeing Amber makes me feel something again though I must admit things arent the same anymore...Feeling dizzy and tired, I still need to get up going to my duty, two major operation and few minors, I try to skip the work for today but I cant, within me is telling that I still need to be productive!When I got to the hospital, I check the details and find out who is my patient..."Dolly Holist"I am trying to figure out why the name is familiar to me until my cellphone got a notification, I recieve a message from Amber...Fuck! It is Amber's nan! "Esth, my nan was brought to your emergency last night having a stomach pain, I hope you can check on her please, I am still at work overnight-Amber"So I am correct, it is her nan, I quickly find her room to check on her, "What is Dolly Holist room?""305 doc!""Okay thanks"I head to the room and see Dolly on that state though I can still see the positivity within her face."Hey Doll, how are you feeling now?""Esth...! I am hap
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AMBER POV Going to my work with this heavy feelings, I felt sorry for Nan that I cant even go there at the hospital and stay for her.Good thing Casey has her business matters in the country so she flew away coming here.She message me that she is already here and will go to the hospital right away,I keep my cellpone for a while thinking things will get better since I already message Casey and Esther probably know that Nan is in the hospital.Since today is the first day again here in the hotel, I need to see Sam first so I head to her office but before I enter I let out a huge air and close my eyes to calm myself.As I open the door, I calmly greet her,"Hey Sam""Oh your here sit down"And I sit down while she is looking at me now, I try to avoid eye contact knowing that we dont have a good work relationship way back."Alright, I want to straight it up to you, the owner wants you back and be on your position before, you will still be the head of kitchen but with the new crew""A
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ESTHER POVI am not sure if our friendship is for the better or not, but seeing Amber sincere look, how can I disagree to what she wants."I am not going anywhere Amber, and FYI we lost each other so its even""About that, how are you after our break up?""Wow, you really wanted to know huh...""Well we are friends now I guess we are free to ask each other a question"I am silenced on what how she was so cool about this friendship thing."Fine! Well, I never had a relationship ever since you came to my life so I can decipher the difference but to tell you how I was after, I cried a lot, I burried myself to work and hangout to every man and woman I met!""Hearing that from you makes me think if I am still talking to a same Esther before or she has been upgraded!""What? Upgraded? Hahaha do I look like a mobile phone geez! Well people change, changes makes us better and strong I guess""It seems you really love that changes and it suits you""Hmmmm you like who I am now than before dont
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AMBER POVInviting Esther for a night snack, I came in to her house, luckily she accept it and I stay with her and do the usual sitting at the gutter outside.We talk and reminjsce a lot, I can feel the lightness on our talk, until she ask me that question, "I had a talk with Doll at the rooftop earlier, she ask me about a special moment I have with you"She said looking straight to my eyes, "What about it?""Do we have that kind of moments? Something that we will never forget and cherish for a lifetime"I was stopped thinking about what she said...same question she is asking me, I now ask myself..."Maybe we have...we just dont use to cherish it..."I said and she even burried her eyes on me wearing that kind of look...I can see sadness and regret."Well that explains why even I try to think of any I still could not bring something out from my mind""Is it that important? Having a special moment?"" I guess, to other people it is something to hold on to but for us, maybe it isnt a
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ESTHER POVEntrusting me with someone? It isnt good for my ear, I am thinking otherwise, it seems like she is excusing herself for not even following the three month rule of breakup!I ask her a question that seems to stop her but later starts to speak,"Hold to that, dont get me wrong please, I didnt say it to excuse myself okay, I am sincere and worried about you, yes I kind of wondering myself why I got into another relationship right away but how can you blame me? I fall in love with her which I didnt anticipate"She said and I totally get that, I guess I am just making things a little complicated for the reason that I dont know, "Fine, well knowing that it isnt just an excuse is enough for me and you dont need to worry, I have lots of time to flirt and do blind dates okay!""Just make it right""Hmmmm why? Are you sure having Casey as your girlfriend implies that you did right?"And then here she is again, staring weird on me again and again!I can see the surprise on her first e
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AMBER POVEven I am already home after I send Esth to her house, but it is still linger in my mind what she shared to me about the past.I didnt even know she has that kind of experience, I guess we really has a lot that is going on before but didnt give chance for each other to fix and help one another.Even me, I have a situation before and it was the first time I made a distance with Esth..."Hey babe, we will have dinner with the chief doctor later so I guess I will be late""Its okay, I hate a late night VIP coming as well later so I cant go home early either""Okay, well then lets meet at the house if you got home early dont wait for me just sleep and rest"That time when we have both important matters to do, I didnt know that they will be having dinner at our restaurant, I was surprised when their chief doctor called me out and give me a commendation for what I cooked them.I came out of the kitchen and face them but I was surprised to see Esth sitting and smile with them.."Y
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