49. You Made A Monster.

"Why would someone want to kill her husband? She has a rich papa..." Pablo somehow made a valid point.

"I don't know, Pablo. We have to get to the depth of this matter..." she shrugged her shoulders unaware.

"Okay, relax..." Pablo answered when he saw the trouble on her brows, she was thinking of something, stressing herself.

"You will see what I am going to do with you, Mr Guiseppe..." she grinned... and what an evil grin it was.

Alexandra stood up to walk away, leaving the man alone to think, his jaw clenched.

"I was never being blackmailed by anyone! Instead, it was me who blackmailed people! How come she is one step ahead of me?" Guiseppe was speaking to himself but in a loud voice that the waiter heard it and Blair along with her gang, also.

He stood up, lost in his thoughts when he started walking, another waiter who was walking with a tray filled with food in his hand got bumped into him and the tray fell from his hand.

The nea

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