The Night Known As You

The Night Known As You

By:  Metztli Night  Kumpleto
Language: English
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The universe and the Gods themselves may be keeping us apart but I'll rewrite the universe, go against the gods just to be with you once more. Watch me set the earth and the heavens ablaze just so I can hold you. All that I am and all that I have are yours now and forever. With surging tide, the waves are thrown An Entity, of all its own But on it's surface you may see Reflected in the waters, be The Orchestrator, pale and still Pulling strings, enacting will V7 a perfect angel, that was created to become the leader of his kind, is suddenly replaced? In rage V7 sets off to take back his destiny, just to find out that, the demigod has taken his place. Little does he know, that demigod never wanted his place, rather he wanted all that was V7, his heart, his soul, his whole being. Will V7 escape his love trap? Or lose all that he was created for? ____________________________________________ It was at, that trigger moment I understood what I wanted. I cupped his face pulling him close and hungrily kissing him as I lay him down and got on top of him. " Mmmm! Hmmm." Kean moaned as I slipped my tongue into his mouth, exploring every inch of his mouth and sucking on his tongue. Wanting to taste him more as my body craved his every touch. I broke the kiss leaving him gasping for breath. " I love you, Jessica. " Kaen lovingly whispers to my lips. My brain went blank from shock as my heart was suddenly filled with rage and it didn't make it any better that I was still hot, excited, and semi-hard from earlier. ______________________________________________ Brought to you by V1 Productions YouTube The Night Known As You (Game Edition) Chapter 1, Part 1 ______________________________________________

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V2 Chapter 1 Replaced
______________________________________________ Brought to you by V1 Productions YouTube The Night Known As You (Game Edition) Chapter 1, Part 1 ______________________________________________ Version 7 POV The soft morning sunlight peeked through the clouds, shining and glistening down the brilliant green blankets of trees which hugged each other. The trees were aligned making way for a narrow muddy road that leads to Ayrshire. A light soft breeze picked up fabricating the blankets of trees to rustle and sway, the rhythmic beat of my horse's hooves clanking, echoes along with the squeaky noise of my Caravan which I had gotten used to since I had no idea of fixing it. Well, it's not like it matters as long as it's just me and a long-deserved time off! The clouds darkened, and A violent breeze picked up darkening the entire atmosphere. I spoke too soon, didn't I? A dark figure of a shadow flew landing upon and cracking my dear sweet home which spook
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V2 Chapter 2 Mislead Path
Version 6 POV " God damn it! Can you believe that?! He just left me! Unbelievable right? " I shouted at the trees as I leaned against V7's horse which " Snorted and Neigh " at my touch. "See, he gets me. Don't you ... Does V7 name his horse? Welp doesn't matter. V7 is a jerk isn't he, my friend?" V7's horse kicks the air behind him but the movement shocked me, making me pull away from him. It then huffs at me. " Note to self, V7's horse hates me." I said to myself as I took a couple of steps away from it. Now..... Should I wait for V7 here.. or? Just leave? I thought as I scan the area. Near Ayrshire which was a farming kingdom if I recall correctly. ... a deadly 6-hour boat ride away from Diomondi the island fort that's guarding the entrance to Zakheaven. I shivered at the thought of it. " A place where no Version should go." *Neigh!* " Oh! Laugh all you want! When you get there then you'll know the horrors that slumber there! Misaki curse the water
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V2 Chapter 3 Shinigami
Version 6 POV " Damn! Full house. Any ideas on how to get closer? I doubt we can see V7 through this crowd." Version 4.1 yells to me, as we push our way through, the roaring excited crowd that flocked around the arena of the Kingdom of Katusha, where Shinigami was advertised to have his Final Championship fight.... or something like that. I bet he's wishing to become a ghost right now, float beyond everything and have the best view of the fight. Too bad he reached his time limit. " The audience looks as if they camped here days before the fight just to get a good seat." I pointed as my gaze drifted over the small tents set up on the sides of the roads and even alleyways. " ... That's just great..... Don't you have any privileges? I mean you're in charge of the protection of this Kingdom." V4.1 huffed out as he scratched the back of his head. " I have everything I want." I informed slightly annoyed at people brushing up against me as they squeezed their w
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V2 Chapter 4 The Queen's Quest
V7 POV " Shinigami the Queen has been expecting you, this way please." A Royal servant bows to me before gesturing me to follow him down the hallway to the Throne Room. A huge room with just 3 fancy chairs, I never could understand why only royalty gets to sit down. If anyone deserves a seat it should be the people since a Queen is just a fancy title for a servant that serves everyone in the kingdom. I don't understand why a servant dedicated to an entire Kingdom gets to live better than the people they serve while other servants are dedicated to one person, they are forced to live worst than their master. Humans are just weird. " Knell before the presence of the Queen." The royal servant ordered as he kneels down next to me silently informing me that he thinks I'm uneducated and do not know the human procedures for kneeling before someone. Pah! I have kneeled before a goddess! I don't need some fancy-dressed human to tell me how it's done! Even though I felt like so, I held
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V2 Chapter 5 The Determined Help
V7 POV " Hikaru?.... Hiki?..... Why does it sound familiar?" I muttered the name to myself before asking. " Her Majesty mentioned me earlier?..... the wandering merchant that saved the Princess and gave her a tiger? Ring any bells?" Kid gestured as he elaborated. " Not really. .... She wasn't talking about demons so I wasn't really paying attention. I did my best to be polite though! That should have been good enough. ...." " It wasn't enough but the Queen didn't mind..... So! What's your name?" " Don't you know? It's Shinigami." " That's your job title given by the ringleader in the Arena. I meant your name." " Best stick to Shinigami, kid." I informed him as I waved him off. " You know I have a name I told you 2 minutes ago?" " Doesn't matter kid. I don't work with people and this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. I don't see why I should remember the name of a person I'm never going to see again." The kid mumbles something. " What was that kid? Not happy
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V2 Chapter 6 First Village, Hilldale
V7 POV The sunlight creeping through the trees slowly hits my face in an annoying manner. I groan as I rolled over to my side, trying to get some more sleep. " Shinigami." Someone calls to me softly, I could feel his warm breath against my ear. A light touch touches my hood. I could feel his fingertip moving aside my hair. " Ten more years. " I answered sleepily as I rolled to my side and rub my head against the soft surface. Why is my pillow so warm? " Shinigami. Come on, rise and shine sleepy head." He calls to me again in the same tone this time he sounded like he was in front of me but slightly higher. I sleepily open my eyes to see the person's Ocean blue eyes looking at me, his face inches away from mine. Kids when will they understand private space? " 1 more hour." " *Sighs* What should I do with you?" I suddenly feel the pillow moving and something going under my knees. I felt as if I was on air and the only sense of safety was coming my back and the back
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V2 Chapter 7 The world behind the Mirror
Hikaru POV Water went by me in a fast motion before everything slows down and I'm slowly falling from the sky. I could see a clearing and in the middle was a small tree, from its branches to its leaves was made out of glass but it was in a weird shape. It looks like the middle part of the tree was hacked out. Thick-shaped glass tree reflected the light coming from the sky as I was slowly falling from it. I soon landed next to it and I never felt weirder. I knelt and touched the soft green grass, which I landed on. It's normal grass but the tree. ..... I thought as I came closer to it to have a closer look. Its texture and its looks were all like a tree but it was clear see-through glass. I then noticed roses, purple-tinted glass roses glowing red which lit up the leaves and branches near them a strong apple red color. " Beautiful isn't it?" V7 asked in a soft dazed tone. I turn to V7 who was standing behind me with his eyes on the tree. How beautiful it was... V7's
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V2 Chapter 8 Cost of Greed
V7 POV " And there! That should do it! I told you I could do it with my eyes closed! Satisfied?" I proudly chimed with my chest puffed out with pride. " You just had to change its default destination? Then why give me a tour?" Rookie exclaimed as he stared at me with wide eyes. " I just wanted to see if you trust me, but what I totally forgot is that humans can only be transported and not actually browse through the options of portals since there's low oxygen there. You must be a very special being to be able to walk around there without gasping for breath. .... or was there enough oxygen for one human? Maybe it accumulated after all those years? I think you're the first human to ever browse through in 19 years. " " Really? Cool!" " Cool indeed! Let's go!" I happily said as I jumped off the back of my Caravan. " Aren't you glad that we managed to pull out your mirror?" Rookie asked as he tapped on the frame of my mirror that now hung on the b
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V2 Chapter 9 Ranks Don't Mean *****
Hikaru POV As we blindfolded every villager gathered and led them through the portal. I could help but notice V7 being extremely quiet. Starting to think about it he hasn't spoken a word since we left that river, even as I checked him for wounds he just kept quiet instead of telling me his protection spell was still up. He must be thinking of that mermaid! Wow! I get to experience V7's first crush! Didn't think this stone-hearted guy was capable of it! But then again. .... This is when he's younger. ..... Much younger. As I transport the last girl, I walked up to V7 who was scanning the area to see if anyone was following us, the whole time while I was transporting the villagers. " That was the last one, we are done here." I informed him, and he just nodded his head but continued to watch the forest. I pulled his arm to get him to look at me but I couldn't tell his expression through the helmet. I slip my hand under the helmet and untie the buckle before tak
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V2 Chapter 10 Legends 1/2
Hikaru POV " 3 minutes memory wipe on at least 40 people. With just 4 words. This is very bad..... if we are using your ranking system..... This kind of being and level... This situation is more dangerous than I thought..." V7 muttered to himself as he grinned. "Wonderful" V7 whispers to himself in a creepy manner. I have never seen an unhinged V7 before and something tells me it would be better if I didn't find out. He whispers the last part as he rubs his hard together, I can feel him smiling through his helmet. A shiver runs down my spine, just looking at V7 being all crazy creepy like. Such blood lust.... at least when he's older he learns how to hide his creepy blood lust side... unless he's killing demons... " Why are they kidnapping them one by one then?" A guild member asked from the crowd. " The best kind of ingredients are those filled with fear, hopelessness, and rage. They weren't randomly kidnapping, they were targeting and waiting for one
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