"Owww." I smack Damian for the nth time today. "Babygirl" He groans placing his hand to his heart with eyes closed. "What was that for? I think you broke a nerve. Argh my heart! I think it's failing." He groans more, peeking an eye open only to see my stern glare at him which he close his eyes quickly groaning louder as he snuggle into my thick thighs. He took a sniff and I hit him again.

"Damian! Stop it." Huffing I fold my arms annoyed with his antics of seduction. 

"What?" He feigns innocence while keeping a poker face looking at me with that lustful smirk.

"I want to lay down and you're not helping." I try pushing him off knowing what he want but he didn't budge. Instead he grips my waist holding firm. Squirming a bit as I feel his cool breathe send a responsive message to my nether parts. I suck in

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