Chapter 1: Annie

Anebella pov:

Sun is the only thing I love every morning. It shines brightly like always, even after many tragedies in my life. I took my Parker pen to note the date of today, as paid. I have paid the rent. A small smile crept my lips. These monthly needs, when it meets, I feel elated. The remaining days in a month I could feel relaxed. 

Taking my necessary items I locked my apartment and stepped outside to go for my first job. Yeah!!! I am doing part times in almost three places. Money is everything. I could learn this in these 36 months. Where I was compelled to see the cruel world without money. I closed my eyes to stop thinking about those bitter things. 

Bristol corner 

The famous five-star restaurant which is everything to me. My first job when I came here. I stepped inside. Not stepped. I have bumped into something. I looked up and sigh in defeat. The morning can never be this much worst when we meet something so unpleasant. 

"Hi, dipstick !!! Everyone is blessed with powerful eyes, it would be great if you could have them" Caroline spoke sarcastically. She always Calls me whatever she feels.. don't know that what she is expecting from me. Should I just roll my eyes for her this insane name which she gave me? She hates me to the core. And this could be a similar thing between us as I too hate her like hell. 

"Yup. Just like., brains are awesome, I wish you could have one" I mocked her with equal sarcasm and she just shrugged off casually.

"Can you please move aside?" I asked as politely as I could. I don't want to spoil my morning with the stupid games of sarcasm, which we would always play and I would be the one who would always give up last. As she could stoop even underneath to make me feel like a loser. 

"Hello doll, happy morning" Alisha greeted me. my happy morning can be more pleasant if she is around. She is such a sweetheart. She is the sole reason I got a job in this famous restaurant. Without her, I would be dead by now

"Happy morning darling" I greeted her with equal butter hugging her tightly to get positive energy from her hug. 

"Table 5 quick" Mathew spatted in hurry not before taking his position in his counter. I just smiled back assuring him to take his orders. I ran over to table 5 with a tablet in my hands to note down their orders. 

Half of the day was like roller and coaster for me and finally, I can do something for which I am living. 

Smell of my veg pullav which I made early in this morning, is as pleasant as heaven. I took a spoon full and swallowed it deep inside my mouth and starts ravishing its flavour. The pepper is surely a blissful thing. Before I could take my second bite someone slapped my shoulder making it spill all over. 

"DAMN IT" I yelled angrily. Normally I won't get angry but when it comes to my food, no one can withstand my anger. 

"Annie. Sorry, it's me" Mathew threw an apologetic look and I closed my eyes to control my anger. It's just a spoon full of rice. I have almost full Tiffen box left.

"What Mathew?" I asked.

"Last minute booking for the golden cabin," he said stressing every word. Damn. Looks like we don't have much time. So we need to first arrange that cabin properly for the customer. 

"Fine.. me and Alisha would make sure everything is under control," I said more in a professional tone closing my Tiffen box. Looks like, my pullav should wait for me. 

Golden cabin is the one sole thing which Smits powerful aura of the entire restaurant. There was 5 silver cabins which would many billionaires use for some meetings. And this golden cabin is only one. It's very rare that someone books. 

Switching on the light which enlightens the whole area, I was mesmerised with its interior. It's of no joke that it costs so much for just 1 hour. The side walls painted with golden colour emits a shining warning that none can get out of this room, not even air. The maroon screen which was hanging there flows flawlessly..everything inside seemed so royal. The word royal is very small compared to the cabin's beauty.

I started placing everything in its place, not wanting to waste further time in its beauty.. the big bang customer would be here anytime. Me and Alisha almost finished every arrangements. 

"Now your service is over here, I will take charge from here," Caroline said in an authoritative tone. As if I listen to her. I just rolled my eyes and removed my waistcoat as it was all dirt. 

"Alisha. Tell Mathew that I will just get dressed up in some 2 minutes. And be there in the entrance to welcome our customer" I said smirking at Caroline. I just loved the way she is pissed off whenever I just ignore her. But it seems she is really angry at me overboard now. Why??

"Listen you dumbass, the one who is coming is really very important customer .. and I can't let you spoil our restaurant name," Caroline said and it's very visible that she desperately wants to attend this customer. But Mathew already told me to attend. So there is no other way I could leave it to her. 

"Why are you so desperate?" I asked crossing my arms standing in front of her.

"I don't need to answer you. I will ask Mathew directly" saying so she left to speak with Mathew. And in the meantime, three men came by with same colour coat and coolers. I made their way after checking their I'd cards. They started arranging for their meeting. I have to rush now before Mathew spots me in this ugly outlook of mine. No one could stand his anger.


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I like the prologue :)
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This was funny, poor Ana!
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I like it so far! Thank you for checking my book?

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