I woke up in the morning and stretched my arms above my head. I was feeling a lot better after talking with my parents. I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and turned on the WiFi. I checked my Instagram account. I had received so many texts from my friends and my fans. I had posted my picture with a breakup caption. Everyone was supporting me and was telling me that I was not alone.

Seeing so many people supporting me, made me feel happy. I hopped off of my bed and stepped into the bathroom. I quickly peeled my clothes off and hopped into the shower. I washed my body then waxed it fully. Once done, I stepped out of the shower and brushed my teeth. Then I dried my hair. Once done, I stepped out of the bathroom. I went into my closet and chose my outfit for the day. I chose a blue short, frilled dress that reached my upper thigh. It had a strap on the right shoulder. I paired it with my black boots. 

I quickly applied my makeup. Then I styled my hair and sprayed perfume. Once I was ready, I grabbed my phone and stepped out of my bedroom. 

As I was descending down the stairs, I heard some familiar voices. I frowned and went towards the drawing room of my mansion. Whoever I saw there, made my blood boil. "What are they doing here? Mom, dad? Who allowed them to step into our mansion." I asked angrily as I saw Tony sitting into my mansion shamelessly. And he brought his parents with him as well. Hearing me yelling at them angrily, Tony stood up and came to me. He tried to grab my arms to pull me into a hug. I pushed him away then slapped him hard on his face.

"You are the most shameless person I have ever seen in my whole life, Tony. First you cheated on me while restricting me to break my friendships with my male friends. Then even after getting caught, you were trying to explain yourself with the lamest justifications I did not pay attention towards and now you came here in my house and tried to hug me like nothing happened." I yelled at him and his parents stood up. His father came to me but before he would be able to show his fake fatherly love to me, my father came from behind and stood in front of me.

"Honey, this all happens in life. That does not mean you would break up. And that too when your wedding is near." He said in a honey sweet tone. I rolled my eyes while my dad fumed up hearing his bitchy claims.

"Oh yeah! Then I should ask your wife. How many women does your husband have shared his bed with? And has that happened in the past or he still fucks other women while keeping you as his wife to show the world?" My father asked Tony's mother angrily and his father glared at dad angrily.

"What are you talking about? I have never slept with any other women except for my wife." He replied angrily and dad rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Yeah yeah yeah!!! Like we will trust you. Because if that would be the case, you would never have said that to my Kira whatever you said trying to justify your son's sins." My dad yelled at him and he bit his tongue. I patted my dad's back as I knew no one could win from my dad in arguments. Not even my mom.

"Now, get your ugly asses out of my property before I will lose my mind and kick your ugly asses out of my property." My dad threatened them and I whistled hearing him. My dad was really a sweetheart. And a protective shield for his family. I knew he would do anything to protect me from that whore of a man.

"You think this ended when you pulled this ring out of your finger. I will make you regret it. You will come to me begging to marry me. Then I will fuck you in front of the camera that you use to make your YouTube videos then I will decide if I should marry you or not." Tony threatened me and before he could reach me, dad's best guard, Mr O'Brien grabbed the back of his neck. He dragged Tony out of the mansion and kicked his bottom hard.

His parents also stepped out of the mansion. Their guards came to help Tony up. "If I see you next time, you will be begging me to let you go." Mr O'Brien said angrily and shut the gates. We all went back into the mansion. My dad was worried about me. Because Tony had threatened me openly. 

"If you would allow, I have an idea to keep her safe, Mr Alfredo?" Mr O'Brien asked my dad. Dad looked at him and signalled him to say whatever he had to say. 

"You can send Miss Kira to your brother. She will be safe there. While we will handle this situation our way here. Plus, Miss Kira would feel better around her cousins." He said and my dad finally smiled.

"This is the reason why you are my most trusted man. Kira, pack your bags. You are going to Hawaii." My dad said and my mom slapped her palm on her forehead. While my heart did a little dance inside my rib cage hearing that I would be visiting my cousins.

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