She was beautiful. I sighed contentedly as I snuggled in my bed to start my new book. Yes, I am a book lover, who would have guessed.

"Nice PJs k" I heard the familiar voice as I looked up to see Chris at his window. Today he wore a tank top that showed off his muscled arms and broad shoulders. I became subconscious as I looked down at what I was wearing. A silk top with small straps and short shorts. I looked back up to see his gaze on me.

"Uh, thanks?"

"What you reading?" He asked as I listened to his morning voice. No doubt he just woke up but his hair was wet and stuck to his forehead so he must have been up for a while. I held up the back of the book in his direction as I heard him chuckle.

"What's so funny about my book?" I asked looking at him in confusion

"Nothing" he raised his hand in surrender "but how can I see the title if your of your book if you're in there on your bed and far away from the window?"

"I'm only human you know, and there is only a limited distance at which I can read" he says as a smirk remained on his face

"Oh right" I muttered making my way to my large window and showing him the book.

'Purple Hibiscus by Buchi Emecheta'

My all time favourite even though this was like my fifteenth time reading it again and yes I love it THAT much.

"I love your top" he said casually while folding his arms and placing them on the window frame. I felt my gave going up in flames and I thanked mother nature I wasn't some shades lighter, cause if I was, I'd probably resemble a tomato

"You too" really Chi?, that's the best you've got.

"Your top is beautiful too" I said but clasped my hands over my mouth as I realized what I had said as Chris burst into laughter clutching his sides and falling leaving me wishing an eagle would must come out of nowhere and snatch me probably to feed me to her young. I pulled the curtains down saying a shy and embarrassed 'bye' too him but not before I heard him say "meet me down in five or we're going to be late".

After the rushed preparation for school, I was in little blue dress made of soft fabric which hugged my God-given curves which I won't trade for anything and stopped directly above my knees. I rushed breakfast and within ten minutes I was walking out the front door in my ballet flats with my bag slung across my shoulder. After saying a quick goodbye to mom, I closed the door behind me and placed the spare keys in my pocket.

I walked to his cute Volkswagen (lame, I know but I'm not a car lover so please bear with me, okay?). He opened the door like a real gentleman so I got in and buckled myself in before he walled over to the drivers start and buckled himself in before he started driving. We talked about nothing in particular and before I could say 'Jack Robinson,(I know right, what is up with these weird names), we were at school and walking to class.


Majestic. One word was how I felt right now. I felt like royalty. He was beautiful. His big feet stomping through the grass as the might sky blanketed us. The grasshoppers chirping excitedly. The sky was sprinkled with the stars and the min was nowhere to be seen. I could feel myself move up and down slightly with his movements. Then I saw it. A cow and her young playing in the river.

He made a sound which I can only assume was one of pride watching his mate and her young. After patting the wrinkled skin of his neck, he knew I wanted to come down so he l lowered his head and my feet in contact with the soft grass making me feel strangely calm. I walked to the river and glanced back to the majestic animal.

It was like he trusted me even if I was just human and humans have been hunting his June in pursuit fire hide and skin and sometimes game. I stood close to the river watching add the cow nudged her young towards me like she was pushing her to me but I still didn't understand why they would trust me like this, especially with their young. She approached me with cautious steps and I couldn't blame her for being suspicious but I didn't have any bad intentions which I'm starting to think they can sense. Smart animals. After standing a few metres in front of me, I made my way into the river with the cold water around my feet. I hesitated at first but finally placed my left hand on the her head and she closed get eyes as her parents made proud noises like me placing my hands on their young one was a blessing they needed but I didn't mind, all that mattered was this moment. I was satisfied. This moment was perfect.


I pressed my palm into the soil in my mom's garden close to the cabbages and lettuce watching as they started growing before my eyes. I was fascinated.

Ever since my dream last night where I had supposedly blessed the Elephant family, I started searching for answers using Google mostly and browsing the huge bookstore with Chris anytime I persuaded him to help me using the sad face and he falls for it all the time. You could say I had him wrapped around my little finger but I really didn't want to drag any of my friends into this.

As much as this ability of mine made me happy, it scared me immensely. Sometimes it felt like I wasn't the one doing all the nature healing, growing, communicating, blessing and I'm sure that's not all.

I quickly lifted my palm from the soil not wanting the plants to grow suspiciously big that it scares anyone.

After dusting my jeans and making sure to get rid of all the dirt on it, I went inside and up to my room. Mom had taken Nilo and Ama to the park because Nilo wanted to see his 'dudes'. His words not mine and Ama wanted to attend a play date and mom had tagged along to keep an eye on her. Talk about moms (eye roll).

After my shower and outfit change into something comfortable, I sat on my bed and started reading. I hadn't even gotten anywhere in my book when I heard a knock downstairs. After groaning and yelling 'commmiinngg!!!'at the door, I made my way downstairs and opened the door but I didn't see anyone.

I was about to slam the door in frustration before something shiny caught my eyes. Right there on my porch was a small parcel wrapped in foil. I picked it up and turned the note on it over to read the message.

From someone who knows you but you don't have to know me.

For C. K.

After taking the small parcel into the house and up to my room. I sat opposite it on the floor beside my bed. Who could it be?. The package was obviously for me.

I finally decided to get over with it and opened to foil-covered package to reveal a small red brick. I frowned. Why will someone give me such a gift?. I turned it over and noticed the letter folded and placed at the bottom and glued on the brick. I almost didn't see it. The person, whoever they were certainly put a lot of thought into this letter.

I opened it carefully because the paper seemed to look fragile like it was make out of leaves. I finally opened it and let my eyes skim over the words.

Dear Kamara,

I see you've found out about your ability and you probably want answers but don't worry because we will come for you and all your questions will be answered. Do not expose this message to anybody. Not even your parents. I'd advice you to obey this time is you value your life.

- your one and only.

Who is this person?, how do they even know my name?, and apparently, they also knew my whereabouts which is slightly unnerving but I also had a feeling they meant no harm. What did they mean by they're coming for me?, I hope they don't. I would miss everyone. My friends, school, my admitting siblings, my parents, ... No!. I won't think like that. If they wanted me, they couldn't take me of I didn't want it. Right?. I signed as I thought of ways to take my mind off this overwhelming news.


" please remind me why I'm at the bookstore with you again for the hundredth time this week? "

Chris whined as he followed me as I scanned the bookshelves while sliding my fingers on the spines of the book. I needed to get my mind off that letter I received so I went next door and begged Chris for a ride here but I could tell he was growing restless and strangely enough, so was I.

"You know what?" I asked slowly while still sliding my fingers on the books

"What?" Chris asked warily. I can't say I really blame him for being wary of me and my tactics. I'm actually surprised that he even grants my request anytime I ask.

"I'm not in the mood for the books right now" I said meaning every single word. Ever since my powers started growing, I had grown restless and always wanted to be with some form of nature. Sometimes it was the white rose on my room and sometimes my mom's garden but I was starting to crave for something else. Something bigger and wilder. Something challenging but satisfying. I really don't understand these changes. One time I'm myself and other times, I feel like someone else. Someone who understood my powers more and felt comfortable using them. It was like I was summertime else while still remaining myself. That's if all this makes any sense at all.

"Lets go to the beach".

His thick eyebrows shot up.

" now? "

I nodded.

"Thought you'd never ask" he replied while practically dragging me out of the bookstore towards his car.

"I know just the place and I'm sure you'll love it"


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