Chapter 51


  Zoey started her day with heavy drinking but she need not to worry. Her body had already grown accustomed to this new habit. It wasn't anyone's fault though,she only blamed herself for being weak. Weak to face life and it's harsh reality. Her days of childhood were spent in pampering by her parents. Even when she had grown into a young adult,her life basically still defined pampering. Everything she wanted was at ease. She didn't have to go through life's struggles and hustles be it. But soon that sweet life changed the moment the first love of her life changed drastically. From the most loving man to a monster in disguise. Then her life migrated from Gray to Daniel. The most adorable,sweetest,caring and handsome man she's ever seen. She smiled sadly staring at the photo album he had gifted her on Christmas. Dated to that day,she had vowed to treasure it and keep the memories that came along with this gift in her heart. But loo

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