Chapter 54


  As the plane landed on the cold floor of New York,all Daniel could think of was the day before. How his Mother had argued vehemently against his decision and Funke crying helplessly. Looking pathetic in her pleas levied to him.  Regardless,he didn't waver on his decision. And to avoid further troubles,he decided to move to New York under the pretence of work urgency. Of course Funke had done a lot for he and his family but that didn't warrant love. The moment he had gotten his memories,he realized who his heart belonged to. Zoey Johansson.

  On a normal day,Daniel would have chosen to pay his friends a visit. But today trailed a different path. Zoey was his only priority. He thirsted to see her,how she has been faring,what work she was up too and above all,the changes she embraced over the years. Thinking about the good times together brought a smile to his face and more than ever he wished to reliv

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