Chapter 56



  As Daniel stared into the Camera Zoey bought for him eight years ago,memories of yesterday flashed. How she retained her ever graceful beauty. Except for the changes which he still fancied. Her long straightened black hair she notably dyed. The rest were just the same;her petite body,those Hazel eyes that glittered and her soft voice which always melted his heart. There was also the sadness accompanied with her smile. It signified how much pain and suffering she had faced over the years. She might not have noticed it but he did.

  Daniel's mind travelled to the walk and conversation they shared at a garden. He realize her perspective towards issues had changed too. She had grown pessimistic and overly stiff towards him. It was bound to happen anyway. After so many misunderstandings and long years apart,she was right to distrust him. His hands curled into a fist when he remembered all the sufferings she

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