Chapter Twenty-One

The first words that both Lydia and Oscar shared after their initial meeting on the glass covered floor of Bo’s apartment, was an apology. An apology that was easily dismissed by the shorter man.

Oscar hugged her tightly, wrapping his arms around her waist in a comforting way that rivaled the wonderful hugs that Bo would only give on occasion. She felt a sense of peace and calm in his arms, and wondered almost instantly if Bo often felt the same when he was with the man.

Lydia easily considered the idea of becoming friends with the man, though she was not sure if it could have ever happened under any other circumstances.

Bo would be their main connection from this point on, and the chances of a relationship growing before this beginning connection was slim. Though mainly for the reason that she would not like any more relations within the Broadway world. Her life is so easily full of people in this crowd, she would l

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