In The Arms of A God

In The Arms of A God

By:  ciaorevoir  Ongoing
Language: English
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Dionysus finds sanctuary in the human realm, stowing away from the heavenly gates of Olympus. He wears the scars of defeat, melancholy, and betrayal in his heart the moment he set foot on earth, vowing never to return until he has regained his pride and honor. However, at love's playful coincidences, The wine god alias Kim Yeojoon, secret CEO of Victoire Wine Company, dreams of an unfamiliar face that had not only awakened his cold heart, but has left him chasing for more answers. With a few pulls of power in his midst, he finally was able to put a name to that face. Behind that otherworldly beauty is Charon, a famous model under the name Han Sejin, the ferryman of Styx that guides the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Will the stirring of his heart's desire be a sign of a new beginning? or will it be the cause of his misery, with an unknowable prophecy looming over him?

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8 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Wine God
With all the religion and beliefs coming differently from various countries and sectors, the question began to develop. Is there a God? Are gods real? People are torn between those who believe that their existence is real, and those who have little to no faith in the mythologies they deem as fairytale-like stories. The truth is, they are very much alive. Specifically speaking, the Greek gods are. In every single moment, the deities of Greece are there, overlooking at every step of the way to do their own purposes. Hermes graces delivery riders, mailmen, and shipping companies all over the places they have power on. Aphrodite blesses everyone with love with the help of Cupid. Of course, Poseidon guarantees a bountiful catch to lucky humans who pass his way and so on.All of them are watching, and they are there. Always.As the world grows and develops, they are there to evolve as wel
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Chapter 2: The Letter with the Golden Seal
 Present TimeIn his hand is a silver platter containing a scroll sealed with the golden seal of an eagle. Yeojoon inhaled through his nose, knowing full well what that means, as the latter bowed low whilst offering the said platter to him.With a sigh, he placed the dumbbells on the floor and sat down on the nearest bench; frowning. "Let me guess, another one of his monthly letters telling me to come home to Olympus?" His brown orbs focused on the parchment as he rolled it open, careful enough not to damage the paper. With a click of his tongue, he reads through the passage and whispered to himself, "Knew it." Yeojoon chuckled at the predictability, tasting bitterness in his tongue. Sure, as Dionysus, he has to comply to his father's orders to visit the great, shining godly place or whatever.. so long as the place is the one in Gangnam, one of South Korea's richest places, he doesn't mind. He grew tired of
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Chapter 3: I Think You Can Be The Perfect Choice
 Yeojoon stormed out of the huge room, slamming the golden ornate doors behind him. After he has sent Damon home, the darkened skies mirrored his loathing. Surely, his father was upset — he doesn't give a flying fuck about it. To hell with Olympus! His brows knit into a huge from as he takes long strides towards the elevator; furious and incredibly grumpy to anyone who saw him pass by, startling them even. FLASHBACK | Earlier The spiral staircase leading to the main office rapped with the soft taps of Yeojoon's shoes against the tile. It was neither cold or warm as he walked towards the huge, golden doors, with the image of ornate designs, depicting a hand with a lightning bolt. He breathed in and out, bidding his time before he opened both doors, taking a step in as he let it close by itself behind him."Father, you called for me." Yeojoon's voice stayed calm, placing himself about a meter away from where the g
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Chapter 4: Of Ghosts and Faces That We Do Not Know Of
 Yeojoon arrived at the mansion about fourty minutes later after Damon. The skies darkened with rage and lightning striked at the ground as the god drove the car inside the huge gates of his mansion. Clangs of metal came down from behind as he parked it right infront of the house. Yeojoon inhaled the smell of rain, of peppermint, and the soft gusts of faint flowery scents in the ruined garden. Being the god of wine, he has always had a good nose. This is why he prefers to be isolated from other humans and live off in a wide expanse of land, placing his mansion in the middle, with it's all walls and maenads, his female followers, that guard each corner for rabid beasts that sometimes pass by. The first time he had encountered a crowd of humans, way back in the Joseon Era, he fainted from all the various scents that assaulted his senses. As a man now, he has more control in limiting his sense but it's better to live far, far away from
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Chapter 5: How Yeojoon Came To Be
  Yeojoon woke up to a start. His heart was beating loudly against his chest. First, there was shock. Littering his face with beads of sweat as confusion then settled in his post-sleep haze. The room was filled with golden light that streamed through the open window. Oblivious to the fact that the god had a - was it a nightmare? a horrible dream? - birds chirped with glee upon the balcony. Singing like he had not suffered in the realm of unconscious thoughts. Perhaps, they are mocking him. Yeojoon's face contorted, blinking his eyes as it slowly grew accustomed to the light. Ah.. It's silly. So silly of him to think of projecting his foul mood into such tiny, little things.Of course, birds are small, feeble creatures. Frail. Fragile. Unknowing. The wine god that sleeps deep inside him bubbles with envy. How he wished that he, too, would be oblivious. He'd accept a quick death over an ete
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Chapter 6: Curiouser and Curioser..
 The drive towards the company was quite long. Yeojoon spent his time watching the view of an expanse of trees stretching for miles away from the main road, until it transitions into a scenery of modern living. Huge, looming towers, tall buildings, crowded streets, and the beeping of cars.  Beside him is Damon, who wears a matching suit. Usually, it is Damon who drives him anywhere he likes. For example, he once decided to go out to buy new pads of paper, refreshing his stack of stationary, and a new monitor for his personal computer. Then, he also bought a printer. They wore respective masks, of course, so no one will recognize the "CEO" of Victoire Industries going on errands with a "someone". Yeojoon heaves a deep sigh. His mind trails back to that unfamiliar face. The only thing that he could remember now is their noticeable, peach-colored, plump lips and glassy skin. He heaves another sigh. And as he was facing the glass
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Chapter 7: Dealing With Another God
  "It is nice to see you again, Yeojoon ssi–," Morpheus mused whilst smiling gently from the other side of the screen. Then while propping his arms on the desk, supporting his chin with the palm of his hand. He adds,"–Or should I say, Dionysus, Sire?" There was silence from Yeojoon's side. Shellshocked and completely thrown off balance with the way he blinks, eyes wide open, as he remembers those scrolls in boxes from that elevator scene when they first met. Those were suggestions for dreams? Or, perhaps, complaints about frequent nightmares? "Oh." He finally says. Ignoring the imminent confusion coming from Damon who, by now, is still confused on how his liege and the other god had met when they both have not stepped on Olympus. Yeojoon's mind cannot link a single thing together right now. He sighs and drapes a palm on his forehead, as if, checking his brain if it had overheated from his thinking or not.
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Chapter 8: The Day A Letter Slaps My Face
 Beep! Beep! Beep! The pink alarm clock buzzed and vibrated on the bedside table, moving an inch from where it was, before a hand emerges from the pink sheets and slams down on it, shutting the damned thing off. "Stupid alarm clock." A voice groaned, soft and floaty. The figure on the grey king sized bed groans once more, turning to the side in such manner that their tangled cerulean blue sheets were pushed down, revealing their handsome, glowing face, plump pink lips, and surprisingly blonde hair. Charon, son of Nyx and Erebos, is back to snuggling with his cold pillows as if the alarm that buzzed seconds ago did not just turn on. His phone, the newest release from his modeling agency's wealthiest sponsor, lit up with messages from his manager, Elizabeth, who must have known he'll slack off and sleep despite his busy schedules. After all, in this realm, he is Han Sejin. A renowned model all over South Korea with
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