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Danelle McKenzie is a very grumpy,cold , arrogant and self-centred intersexual female..She is a very rich woman and a well know business tycoon, owning various businesses including restaurants ,hotels , modelling agency just to name the few..She is still single even at the age of 33 because she simply thinks that love doesn't exist and her past is what led her to be the way she was today.. On the other hand ,we have Anushka Malhotra ,a young Indian woman who is very shy ,kind , respectful ,free spirited and very beautiful..She lives with her father and brother at a small colony..They don't have money but they are trying to survive with the little they have each and every day..She is doing her last year in a local college and she is looking forward to graduate and find herself a good paying job so she could help in providing for her family.. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEIR FIRST ENCOUNTER STARTS ON A BAD FOOT...WILL THEY EVER GET ALONG OR WILL THEIR DIFFERENCES PREVAIL?

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Ashly Odean
great book tho I wish there were more books like this 🥹
2024-06-23 22:10:02
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Suman Behera
update author please ......️
2024-06-08 15:44:04
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Jasmine Aaliya Kohanna Payne
one of the best I've came across can't get enough of this wants more
2024-03-22 02:03:01
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Anusuya Krishnamoorthy
updates are too late
2024-03-14 22:56:43
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amkela nkanyie
plz update ...
2023-10-29 01:46:07
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Nthabi Semethe
One of the best that keep me wanting more...
2023-10-28 23:42:56
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Anusuya Krishnamoorthy
what about the upcoming chapters ?????
2023-10-12 22:18:22
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LC Lucena
Love this story
2023-07-12 20:59:38
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Ciarra Momon
i love this book
2024-06-20 00:10:14
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Klaudia Korycka
live IT and want more :))
2024-04-30 05:15:36
90 Chapters
Prologue : The project
It was during the course of the day in Danelle's office where Danelle was having a conversation with Sammy and her lawyer about the land that she had recently bought..It has always been part of her long time plan to build another five star hotel but this time in the honor of her grandmother whom she loved so much..She had found a perfect place, a perfect land for that but much to her dismay, her best friend was having issues and very unnecessary issues at that.."What you doing is not right Danelle ,think about those poor people at least..Where will they go?" Sammy went on again and to say this wasn't getting on Danelle last never would be a lie..She was getting fed up of the man's constant bickering "And what exactly do you think I am doing?" Danelle questioned, her face crunched up in annoyance as she looked over at the man in front of her "Listen here Sammy ,I really don't care about those people, do you understand ?..All I care about right now is for the project to be done soon a
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Chapter 1 : Graduation Day
ANUSHKA'S POVIt was finally sunrise but still very early , maybe around five am in the morning..Of course it was five because my alarm went on crying violently causing me to snap my eyes open immediately..Usually It would have gotten me very frustrated disturbing my sleep but for some reason I was glad that it woke me up..Right, I should be glad ,I should be happy..The day I was patiently waiting for my entire life had arrived..Today I was finally going to graduate and hopefully find a very good paying job after that so I could be able to help my older brother Shavaay to provide for the family..He was married now and lived with his wife and two children at their house ,so it was obvious that his salary was shared between two households..And I was completely sure that his wife was slowly and slowly getting fed up with that..But I would understand her though if she in fact was because brother Shivaay should have been only taking care of his family and see to it that their needs were m
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Chapter 2 : Just a fantasy
DANELLE'S POVIt had been a very long day and I was on my way back from work to my house..I was sure it was around past six in the afternoon because I usually stayed back at my office until I finished my work for the day..Even when I didn't have any work ,I just stayed behind just to enjoy the peace and quiet for a while before I went home. So after five o'clock in the afternoon when everyone knocked off from their assigned duties ,I stayed behind and took care of what needed to be done..I owned the most prestige and well known bank all over the world called D&M Bank ..Through hard work and dedication, I was one of the successful business tycoon in all of the States and conceitedly made a name for myself..I already came from a very rich family that owned multiple businesses all over the world but I knew I had to work for what was mine like my late father did..The man built the entire McKenzie legacy all by himself and i was very proud of the great man h
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Chapter 3 : Grocery Store
ANUSHKA'S POV It was Sunday, two days after my graduation and the mood was still that of happiness and excitement.. Moreover ,I was looking forward to maybe being called in for a job interview soon since I've been sending in my CVs to different companies in this past two days..I would do any work at this point, as long as I could find a job..It was my responsibility now since I had told brother Shivaay that he should just focus on his family from now on especially after hearing him and his wife arguing about the very same issue on Friday night when he had invited me ,father and Amaar over to his place for dinner to celebrate after the graduation..Well I could understand where Aunt Madhuri was coming from..I mean no wife could stand that..But knowing how stubborn my brother was , he wouldn't listen to me and would not stop providing for us ,so I figured it was about time I showed him that I could handle everything and that I would provide for father and Ama
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Chapter 4 : A flash of silky red
DANELLE'S POV I had just landed on my private jet at the international airport of London... Since I was a well known person ,of course my landing had to be special and with an adequate security ,you know for my safety..Karan was waiting for me on the private part of the airport where there was also no interference of media, those nosey journalists could be really annoying at times and I hated that..But I knew no matter how hard I was trying to avoid them ,by tomorrow morning they'll know I was in London anyway and they'll be waiting for me in every corner I'd go to.. That was the downside and the most annoying part of being Danelle freaking McKenzie.. I stood up from the comfortable chair of my jet and fixed myself before putting on my suit jacket..I took my briefcase and two phones before motioning to the exit while one of the stuff took my luggage following behind me..I descended the jet stairs grandly with one hand in my pants pocket and dark gucci sung
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Chapter 5 : Hot chill
KARAN'S POV I woke up with a freaking banger headache..I felt like my head had been bursted open ..Last night was lit and I enjoyed myself with my friends and my sister Danelle..I mean it was our first time hanging out together and it was amazing..I was for sure looking forward for more of us even though I knew that Danelle was more of an workaholic than going out but I think I would persuade her like I had done yesterday, that was not problem.. Danelle and I never got along very well in the past but I was looking forward to changing that..I wanted to have that brother and big sister kind of relationship with her from now on..And talking about my big sister...Where the hell was she ?The last time I saw her was when I left her with Zyn and Adam when I had excused myself to go to the bathroom.. When I got back she was no where to be found ..I asked both Zyn and Adam and they said that some pretty lady came up and asked Danelle for a dance..What surpris
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Chapter 6: New feelings
ELIZABETH'S POV After Danelle left my room , I was left with nothing to do but just reminisce about that epic sex we just had..Nobody has ever fucked me so good in a while and thinking about everything just making me horny all over again..She wasn't that freakishly huge but I swear she was able to hit all the right spots inside me to the point that I just couldn't take it any longer..It was just too good for me to handle that I literally passed out .. I was at club Genesis with my best friend Amelia when I saw this man walking in with a young man on his side..I didn't know she was a woman at that time ,I had thought she was a man..Right then and there she had my attention..She was wearing formally ,looking like a rich ass businessman ..I knew she looked very familiar to me..Like that well-known business tycoon that owned the famous bank called D&M ,Danelle McKenzie..But I also knew that that wasn't possible..What would Danelle be doing in such an average club
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Chapter 7: An interview
ANUSHKA'S POVI had been scrolling down my Instagram feeds when I came across D&M Bank post..Peaking my interest , I pressed open the account and started viewing the posts in there and it came to my attention that they were looking for a secretary at the bank..Without any waste of time , I took their details that were printed on post and I ran a quick goggle on the link that was given which led to their prospectus..I read through it and I saw that the deadline was tomorrow and I knew I had to quickly apply for the job.. It wasn't necessary that I do the walk-in since I could just apply right there online. With that I filled my application form and attached all the documents that they required and submitted my form..After about thirty minutes later I received a call from the bank's reception telling me that they got my application and that I would receive an SMS or email from them if I had qualified for an interview about the job..I was so happy that a
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Chapter 8: Unimpressed
DANELLE'S POVI came back from London a day ago and I couldn't wait to finally get back to the bank and see if everything was still going well because I would really freak the hell out out for real if not..When I got back ,I made sure Sammy briefed me out on everything that happened but still I wanted check it out myself..Not that I didn't trust him or anything but that was just how cautious I was when it to D&M..I even learned that I would be having a new secretary starting in today..Now that I would really applaud my best friend for ,he really saved my ass right there..I really needed a secretary to set my schedule because I really couldn't continue doing everything all at once like I had been doing this past weeks ,shit was exhausting as fuck..The last secretary I had ,I fired her lazy ass last month..The really was no room for laziness at D&M Bank..And the one thing that I hated the most ant didn't even tolerate was late coming..Hell I didn't co
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Chapter 9 : Grumpy boss
ANUSHKA'S POVToday was my first day at my work and I was so excited but little did I know how rude and arrogant my boss was..The way she was looking over at me with such belittlement caused me to question my own capabilities. 'Did I even nail that interview or did Sammy just do me a favour?'I had thought to myself The question lingered in my mind but I had to convince myself that that couldn't be..I had down well with my interview and no favours was done but still ,I didn't know why her lack of acknowledgement towards me made my heart ache..I usually didn't take what people said to heart but for some reason I couldn't ignore her words..You could call me a cry baby or whatever but truth was that I wanted to cry but I couldn't give that arrogant woman the satisfaction of knowing that I was emotionally weak..She had already made out what she thought about me in her mind,so there was no point of humiliating myself even more than she already had..So all I
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